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  1. Skate are good. Rays need cleaning that I do not know. They do ship overseas. WE had big sharkes in the bay when I was a kid that kept the Rays down and let shellfish prosper. Now we have COWNOES RAYS going nuts. Baby makos, tigers, sandy tigers, etc. were caught while flatty fishing. Kill the TOP, SCREW the REST. Histoty Of MY BAY.
  2. What people will do for $$$$$ continues to amase me. Cheat, steal, etc. Fishing use to be SAFE. Not anymore.
  3. then why do SO MANY GET PISSED!!!!! Fishing is calming, Friends,others,etc. PISS YOU OFF. Worry about you. ENJOY
  4. Corn can and salt. Learn and save.
  5. First, THANK YOU. Glad you are home safe. I think if you want "The Man in the Brown suit" it would be better a little south. Everyone I ever caught was a accident. Lots of other sites on the web.
  6. I thought they made carts/wheels? Now they have RODS? so goes walley world. I hope you get 100% credit.
  7. sounds like a great day with family. Bigger baits maybe? Glad you had a family day.
  8. Just more BS. Inspect what ever you want, ITS JUST FISHING! A heaver made out of C4 wouldn't cast worth a dang.LOL. If "beach" people can't fish, it is a job killer. Are boaters next. Nice beach you live at but you can't go on it! They took me first. I always took more trash than I brought that was mostly left by your "NEIGHBORS" so now the city cleans the "private' BEACHES so we can pay to put sand on them when needed. I need to use YOUR BATHROOM since I paid to keep it SAFE!!!
  9. Fast enough for me. I really screwed up 4-5 years ago when I did a "FREE SPEED TEST" and ended up with the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH" due to the virusis I ended up with. I don't know the site, not gonna try it.
  10. The better get busted. The news better follow it to. Rules are rules. Let us know>
  11. They take spices very well. I like them deepfried with 1/2 flour,1/2 potato flakes and old bay in peanut oil. you will never eat a crispier crust. Strain the oil when its cool and just mark it for fish and you can use it 3-4 times. just don't burn it as with any oil.
  12. I got an 19" flattie on seagull pier on a 7 1/2" craoker dead sticking. There are some great videos on "youtube" that show flatties. I knew a guys years ago that soaked and then dried strips of white dishtowel in fish blood. He used them on the pier and his boat. 1/2 or 3/4oz on the pier up to 5-6oz on the boat. I went out with him more that once and he liked to drift fish. He really knew where to find them as we always got nice ones. He would never keep more than 2(nor could I,lol), but they were nice fish, 4lbs+. After we had our 2, we went spot, trout, etc. fishing. I can't even remember his name!!! Hell of a nice guy tho to take out a 16-17yo kid that just loved fishing. I guess he was in his 50s then? He got a smile out of showing me and I hope he had/has a great life.
  13. I was in MI from 90-2000 trying to deal with Winter and fishing through a hole in the water. I came home and one of the first things I caught was a spade(13-14") and I didn't even know what it was,LOL, so back it went. Looks like you had a good time. I'm gonna keep the next one .
  14. surf fishing

    Very good info. Once you know what to look for its fairly easy. Fishing a bay beach is the same but it just doesn't stand out as well. Great post
  15. I'm about 600-700yds south of the twin bridges so a north wind and low tide gives me the smell of a mud flat,lol. North is good as this heat has been rough.