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  1. Brilliant Police work and investigating by the DNR. What a bunch of yahoos. They could have caught these idiots very quickly. It is called surveillance. They would have obviously come back to pick up these nets. Rather than pull them, and put out everywhere in the media what has been done, Just put a covert 24 hour watch on the net. The damage had already been done, as the net was full. Instead these guys went and set more nets doing more damage. How about the second net? Nope! Lets tell everyone about it so the people go into hiding. They need to buy a clue.
  2. Just wondering if any of you have ever used one, and your opinion on them. Thanks guys!
  3. I still have yet to get a keeper out of there this year. Usually it is on one of my first two trips, I have been there at LEAST 20 times this year. Im going to have to look for your boat, and see where you are fishing.
  4. I am going to try today. Ill see if I can cast out that far:confused1: Guess I will fish from about 4 until 11 tonight. Unless of course I get some biggun's early
  5. Are you talking back towards annies? I have had some luck casting out to the buoy towards the left of the ramp. I am going to try the day bite today, and try and get there around 4ish.
  6. I have only gotten like 3 keepers there all year. Man I need a boat! I did hook into a big skate there the other night. Was 53" wide. I just horsed it in. Gotta love a calcutta with power pro! I may try friday night if the traffic isnt too bad at the bridge.
  7. It is all about the almighty dollar. Now the local people that dont like the shark tourneys will donate to them. If they went to china and protested the finning and tossing overboard of sharks, they would be captured and probablly shot. The hell with them.
  8. Any experts out there that can help me identify these?
  9. I wasnt the rodman on that shark by the way, just wanted to give credit to the person that actually caught that one. I caught a blacktip. The mako was brought in by Tom Smith. Yes the boat was started up and manuevered (very well I might add by toms son lance. We cleared all other lines as soon as he was hooked up. We gaffed it. Bullets and water dont mix sometimes. If it was 50 lbs more it would have been shot. We kept the shark away the best we could. We hooked it 3 times. First time it straightened the hook. Second time it ran at the boat and got off. Third time it was gut hooked so it didnt jump.
  10. Had a great time! We caught probablly 10 Black tip sharks. At 3.45 we were going to get ready to head back at 4, when the line started. The clicking. Hit a bluefish filet. Will be some good eating today!
  11. Last thursday was like that. I got there at 8pm and left at 7AM. At midnight I told my friend we would leave when we could cast 3 times without bringing in a rock. 7 hours later we were just leaving. It was unreal. Same with size, 19" was our biggest too. Went there on wednesday night, and it was nada none zero. That place is either feast or famine. I am going to try wednesday night this coming week. The full moon will be gone so that should help.
  12. I have learned where most of the snag ups are. I used to lose 10-20 lures a night, but now I may lose 1. That area must have hundreds of thousands of bottom rigs stuck there. Usually when I snag now, it is on old fishing line or bottom rigs. One night I actually pulled up a bottom rig that had a small rockfish attatched to it. I tend to use swim shad, rapala jointeds, spooks, and lucky craft 1.5's. Every now and then I will throw a bottom rig out just to see what happens.
  13. Going to head up late tonight. How are you rigging the fly? Are you just tying it on like a trailer? I couldnt picture using a 3 way with a bass assasin and a fly. I was thinking of trying it tying a floro leader to the back of the hook on my rockfish lure. This is kind of a new concept to me so anything would be appreciated. Any particular color on the fly? thanks again.