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  1. Lol slumming it is right.... It was my first time at picking berries at Pungo and it was fun. A long time picker told me that they are not as big this year due to all the rain. Looks like I will hit Rudee to see if Mr. Teeth is still around later in the week.
  2. 700: 9:00 am. Water dirty..Bluefish were biting..lost a few tails on the bass assasins. Saw a nice one bite me off right at the surface. Tried metal but they wouldn't bite. Some bunker strips might have done the trick or a stinger but I was hoping for some puppydrum--heard they were around. I would have tried mudminnows but someone stole my trap:angryfire: so artificial is all I had. Some one from the night before must have had a bluesfest..cause there were about 50 plastics with the tail chomped on the ground..thats got to hurt the wallet. Threw what I could in the trash..put a few good ones in my bag. Didn't have time for the incoming..rode out to Pungo..fresh strawberries and made some preserves.
  3. Its all the way at the end of Jefferson Avenue. You can see it as you come out of the tube on the Newport News side. (It's concrete and has green rails)
  4. Fished 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. Tide was way out due to the new moon. Small to pan size croaker were being pulled up. Caught about 4 on bloodworms. Tried chartreuse gulp for flounder for with no luck. Lots of nibbles from the :binkybaby:croaker. Saw one flounder 16-17" pulled up on squid as I left. The neighborhood around it is ruff but the pier is very nice ..... looks like strong current and deep water on the end. Looks like a very drummy place:lol:
  5. Fished the evening incoming to high. (4:00 -8:00). Water dirty. Wind NE. Fished cut croaker belly. Pulled in a taylor blue. Turned him into strips and caught a fat 16" flounder. Spot were being pulled up by the fence. Lots of throw back flounder on minnows. Tried gulp 4" chartreuse and pearl got taps but couldn't pull anything in. A nice school of minnows that filled the water column. It was slow until right before slack high. Felt great to be out- Had a brand new fishing partner born in April- 8pounds 12 ounces. Cant wait till he can fish!!:eusa_dance:
  6. Get well and hope you get back in the game soon... just learn to reel them fish in with your toes
  7. I thought so, but I wasn't sure as it seemed really large for a sea louse - about the size of a quarter.
  8. Wind West 15-20. Striped bass were stacked up on the east side of the bridge. I counted 10 lined up just hanging in the current next to each other. Where is my Catch 2000 Mirrolure:BangHead:. Oh well, got busy with storms and rattle traps. Had to buzz 'em back fast and caught a nice schoolie but came off right at the rail. That scared em off for a few. So switched to the Tsunami 5in Bunker Trap and got a 18 incher. This one had some kind of parasite latched on its tail, looked like a huge rolly- polly bug. yUCK! Left them biting cause I was freezing. Hope to hit Chix or Lesner tonight for a dose of urban combat fishing
  9. Dixie -that's good news..RACN-hope your recovery is speedy
  10. Over on colley near 49th. I haven't been back to the docks in a while..might try over there next time. Do they still have that floating dock back there?
  11. Oh yeah..they were just schoolies. Still fun to catch on light tackle. When the weather gets cooler the bigger stripers will start to come into the area.
  12. Stripers were blasting clear minnows on the surface. Its pretty cool to see their shadow torpedo through the water then WHAM!! Tried topwater crankbait, and jigged plastics..nada. They only wanted those clear minnows on the surface. I'm thinking some albino gulp minnow/shad bodies might do the trick ..rigged with no weight. Have been doing good lately with good ol' electric chicken BA's. Funny how picky those sissy fish can get.
  13. I need to get some smoothies for an Abu 6500 ct . Does anyone in Virginia Beach or local Hampton Roads sell them? Thanks!
  14. Spot were biting good when the wind was blowing hard. Missed the incoming bite and settled down for the outgoing. The front of the pier was jampacked had to hike to the end. They only seemed to really want bloodworms, but soaking BWFB in the worm's blood worked too. Some were yellowbellies but not full "fall size" yet. Vacuum packed me some spot heads for drum bait. Hopefully I can find a way around school and work to pull one in this year.