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  1. Can one of you guys send me a pic of the beach rod holders you use over there. You can post it on Fishaholics forum or just post it here, and I'll move it over (down under) I'd like to show our members the setup you use. We do have a bit of problems with weed in the surf occasionally, but not often, perhaps we don't have the same vegitation or weed system you have over there, I've heard you guys in America have bigger and better than everywhere else perhaps your weeds are bigger and bader than ours Anyway If I could get someone to post a pic somewhere I'd really like to take a look at that gear. But what stops them from bending under pressure PS I hope you don't mind me using my own avatars
  2. No it's an ABU 7000 original Sweedish Model (not garcia)
  3. Here are a couple of shots of the beach. Up the beach and down the beach plus a pic of the barge we use to get from the mainland to the Island (about 15 kilometres) Hope I am not annoying you guys over there?
  4. That was outside this is inside the bay. We are on the east coast of Queensland so this is the western side of the Island the beach is on the eastern side,
  5. Yeah, we use rods from 10 foot to about 13 foot long, we cast them out, the surf in that pic is mild, usually about 4 to 6 foot swells, we use sand sinkers that are shaped like a pyramid, which hold in the cross currents until fish are hooked. Which usually doesn't take all that long here. We fish for tailor, bream, flathead, jewfish, then on smaller gear we fish whiting, dart, trevelly, etc. Thirsty work though
  6. The fish is called a flathead (we effectionately call them "Lizards) The shot was taken a couple of months ago on one of our local Islands (North Stradbroke Island). We have just filmed a documentary over there, and give us a while to sort out the 120 gigabites of film, then reduce it down to an hour and you should be able to see it on our site with some of the others. When I get past my five post limit, I will post some pics
  7. OOPS I might have just found a way to load a pic I'll give it a try. If it works, it shows our beach rod setup. See I can reach that reel
  8. I was going to post a few pics, but apparently I "can't use links" until I have five posts? So you are just going to wait. I can see no way of inserting image without putting the URL (link)
  9. Firstly Hi everone, this is a great looking site you have But I can't get over the beach, rod holders you have pictured in the background image we use sand spikes and PVC tubes to support our rods on the beach, but they are no longer than 3 feet (we say a metre here) I am only 5 foot ten I'd never be able to reach the reel What are you fishing for with them? (just curious). Anyway guys,,,,,,Great site, hope to see more of it soon So look us up if you are comming "Down Under" PS Got your site from Randy Stinchcomb