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  1. Congrads on everyones catch plan on making a trip down sat afternoon fishing into sunday just hoping the stripers will still be around just wondering if you guys think they will be . thanks
  2. I have a Delaware tag I should be fine but thanks for the info tho cause I do enjoy a few beverages too so I will keep that in mind .
  3. Thanks for the info Coop hope to see you down to A.I. THIS year I'll stop by.
  4. Hey Coop where in west o.c. is martins located thanx for keeping us posted on where to get fresh bait.
  5. I'm so glad to hear Mr.Gene is doing much better and that he will be building more cooler racks, I also can not wait til I get mine. Good luck to everyone on their fishing adventures this season:icon_salut:.
  6. I also was looking to purchase a rack this year I talk to gene earlier this year but unfourtantely gene was a little ill he said and that he would not be building anymore cooler racks so i called rocks and reds to build mine and got a good deal on it try to give him a call
  7. I hear you LETS GO FLYERS ! OH and nice catch on the rock.
  8. WTG to go Coop looks like you are picking right up where you left off please leave some for me this weekend .
  9. Hey , Morty nothing with wrong with a little motivational pep talk before battle lol.
  10. Sorry Sam I ment to post this in my last post , Best wishes to your sister I'm sure enjoyed it.:eusa_drool:
  11. Congrads , Sam nice ,Ben looks like you are right on target again good call ,
  12. I'm going to try to make it out this weekend maybe I will see out there Jim.
  13. I was also asked to go fishing sunday with a friend of mine but had to decline because my father inlaw is in the hospital but my friend did tell me they also there limit he did tell me his was 32 inchs.