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  1. Been a while since I've been here, and so am selling my 12' Cape Point Special casting rod which I get to use maybe twice a year. Price is $90. It's in good condition but definitely used, there are scratches on the handle from the rod holder which is still naked as I originally bought it, and some scratches where the two rod pieces join together. The reel seat, and guides look very good. If you're unfamiliar with the rod it is a two piece rod, rated for 6-12 oz, but can easily do more. I also have a 2 piece 11' Tika UEHA933502S spinning rod which has cracked ceramic in the rod tip. It's rated for 6 -12 oz. This one is in good condition as well (other than needing a new tip), it has some light wear but that's about it. Price is $70. Or buy both together for $150. I'm in Millersville MD which is about 15 - 20 mins North of Annapolis. I can post pictures of specific parts if anyone would like me to.
  2. Went to SPSP on Friday, fished from about an hour before high tide to an hour after. I was using blood worms for bait. I had a few bites but didn't catch anything as I had on some big circle hooks since I haven't re-stocked for the year yet. I might check it out again next week.
  3. Skate is actually fairly popular already in a lot of restaurants. I've also heard it called the next big thing in seafood. I've got a few skate recipes I'm going to try when i start fishing this year.
  4. I started out using fluorocarbon for my shock leaders but it is way too expensive. I do use it in my fish finder rigs because I don't go through it that fast.
  5. I was using a spider hitch to no-name knot but it is really hard to get the no-name knot tight with 80lb fluorocarbon. I switched to the slim beauty knot and it works great so far.
  6. I thought I saw a new report post for this week but I guess not. Went out yesterday to AI, sept 6. Loads of bluefish out there the biggest was around 16 inches. Also managed to catch one pompano. Had a bunch of hits on the little fish rod but they would always come while I was bating something else. Yaked out one bait and didn't get any takers and thats about it.
  7. What size cast net do you use (mesh and diameter) and what brand? I was at bass pro today and was thinking about getting one but they had been cleaned out of most of them. Nice catch by the way. Thanks
  8. Fished tuesday day and night around the south beach lot. Caught 7 blues all between 9-12 inches. Was getting hits almost as soon as the rigs hit the water. Kayaked out a bait attached to the Penn 116 I got so cheaply. Found out it is not exactly in excellent condition. Either the drag works really oddly or it is pretty worn out, I was reeling in the line on a drag setting I thought would do it and the handle would just kind of turn with out taking any line in. It didn't feel like it was the drag working it just felt broken. I had to really crank down the drag to get it in. So I'm going to test it out around here and try and fix it. During the night I managed to land a good sized ray on a casted half bluefish . I thought it was a shark cause it kept running and running and running. It didn't act like a ray at all. But of course it was one. Had about a 4 foot wing span. Not sure what kind it was though.
  9. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]If you get bored just fast forward to the end. Wow.
  10. She had some fresh ones a couple of weeks ago I think they were 2.50/lb but I'm not sure about that.
  11. Fished AI yesterday around the north beach lot. It was super crowed so I walked a good distance down to find a spot. Tried out the new Yak it was pretty cool I even got to practice re-entry right after I got it going. I only yaked out one bait because I almost killed myself dragging the kayak over the sand to the fishing spot. And of course the crabs got the bait, next time I'm going to use a float. But on the good side, I got a bunch of blues mostly small, I lost a good sized one in the wash. Also my girlfriend managed a small flounder which was pretty cool.
  12. Thanks for the tips guys. I think I'm going to spool it with 80lb p-line xtra strong. That should give me around 1000yds I really can't imagine using all of that. A fighting harness and belt are next on my list after a rod.
  13. Thanks for the pictures. I had been wondering how to turn on/off the clicker.
  14. Ok, so I picked up a nice Penn senator 12/0 off ebay. I know it's a bit much for the beach but it was cheap. I have a couple of questions about it. The lever on the side switches between free spool and drag right? So do you guys leave it in free spool with bait out and then when a fish runs you just slow it down with your thumb and then switch on the drag? I've also heard mentioned that I have to use my thumb as a level wind, is this true? Last, what is this little cylindrical thing that sticks out of the spool for? I also bought a kayak so we'll see if I can't post some interesting reports in the near future. Thanks