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  1. just letting everyone know how my fishing trip went. saturday night(5th) we couldnt keep the lines in the wter long at all, we were catching blues, whiting and flounder in the surf. all on cut bait. there was about 4 of us fishing and we were catching blues ranging from 12 inches to a couple of 24 inchers. the whiting, there stayed small except for one that was 18. the flounder we caught were around the 15 inch mark. when the storm moved in on sunday, fishing went sour, it didnt pick back up until weds night when we began to catch a few blues. the rest of the week, was hit of miss. we always fished earliy morning or late night. the bait fish were off shore too far for us to get a cast net on. i talked to my local guy and he told me that the bait fish should move in around the first of june, then the fishing really picks up. hope this helps some of you out.
  2. well i have finally found a site i hope is gonna help more people out. i have hated it for so many years, you call guides, they say oh yeah about 2 miles out we are killing them, what about us porr surf fishers, talk to us about that. well i am leaving on friday, 1 week. i am gonna fish until i drop. i will try and get some pictures, and i will at least come back adn say what happened, whether it is, i killed them, or they killed me. if anyone has any suggetsions send them now. i thank you for the site big country upstate fisherman, with a hankering for some surf fishing