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  1. :angel10: (from Samantha)
  2. just got a pic from your album to use as Samantha's desktop background.

  3. He stayed out after catching that fish because "there might be a bigger one out there". I used to think he would come home when he caught something. I have learned, it just fuels the fire when you catch one. Samantha got to see the fish cleaned. She is such an inquisitive little fishergirl. Papaw went to show her what the fish had been eating, but the stomach was empty. (That bunker must have looked good.) We were also happy to see that the fish had already spawned. If we let Samantha have a knife, I think she would have cleaned the fish herself. Such a Daddy's girl.
  4. Happy Birthday, Randy! Have a great day!
  5. There is so much to learn about fishing and everyone at Bass Pro is so enthusiastic. I learned about bucktails today. Did you know they actually use hair from the tail of a deer? I should have been able to figure that out on my own. This bucktail has caught 100 fish!
  6. Thanks for the schedule, Brian. They have a great group of speakers. Everyone today did well and had a nice audience. More to come tomorrow, don't miss it. Make sure you come by the tables as well. It is all about fishing, so Sam is in his glory.
  7. When you try the Berkley Gulp, let us know how you liked it (and how the fish liked it).
  8. Relaxing in a peaceful environment can really wipe away the stress of the day.
  9. You are getting advice from two guys that have spent a lot of time on the sand.
  10. It sounds like there are a lot of awesome places to fish. Glad to have you on the site. Thank you for your sacrifices. Side note: When you read the Coastal Fisherman, look for Sam's column, Past the Breakers.