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  1. I would like to join you on a learning trip. Just let me know when. Thanks
  2. bucks was open with bait and tackle on friday. i was there in person.
  3. im thinking about around 24x60, probably new though, not many for sale on the used side that i can find.
  4. Just looking for a price range for a cooler rack, that will hold at least a hundred qt cooler, 6 rods and spikes and a bucket or two. Any pics would be nice. Has anyone made one out of steel, most i see are all aluminum or stainless. Thanks Wayne
  5. Went to AI today. Got my new overnight pass, does everyone know that they are almost lime green? Off road section was completly closed due to high surf and the ranger said some quicksand. Walked my rod over the dune anyway to stretch out the new string. Come on warm weather.