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  1. OK, the big sand tiger was caught about 200 yards south of the day beach at the north end of the island. We set up around 9:30 with 4 rods and bunker. This one took a bunker head on a 9/0 j hook attached to 18 inches of 45lb steel leader which was attached to about 15 ft of 80lb mono for a shock leader. Running line was 20lb mono. Casted on a 10 ft diawa something, an older surf rod with a diawa black gold spinning reel. Took about 30 min to get in (took a lot of line a few times). The girl in the pic did most of the reeling, my brother took over to get it in the surf and I waded out to get a rope on the tail. Pulled it onto the beach and snapped a few pics. Could not get the hook out with channel locks, so cut the leader about 2" from the hook. Drug it back in (which I did not like, being between shark and open ocean), pointed it east and it swam away. All in all a FUN nite. Chris
  2. We headed down for the weekend, staying in the state park campground. Caught this guy Friday nite bout midnite. Had two others on, but they got off after a few minutes. He took a bunker head casted from the beach. SandTiger shark ?? Was a great weekend, although the ocean was a little rough. On a side note, I would like to try a conventional reel for a couple of reasons. More line capacity, and I think further casting distance. Can anyone recommend a reasonable (cheap) reel I could learn on? I assume I want brakes, maybe level wind. I remember reading about some chinese reels, maybe knockoffs of the abu's? Seeing as I've never thrown one before, I dont want to spend alot till I'm sure I like it. Thanks, Chris
  3. Thanks for the replys. I plan on casting this out. I fished this way last year and caught up to about 5 foot sand tigers. I decided to tie. About 4 foot of 100 mono to 2 foot coated twisted steel leader, premade from tackle shop, like 60lb. I figure with fishfinder rig on main line I can take the hook and bait and hang it on the sputnik singer making it a short drop to cast. Thanks again.
  4. Hey, crimps sound good, I tried tying 100lb mono but its real ugly. What size and kind of crimps would someone use for 100lb mono. It's the stuff on the flat spool by andy called leader material. It's the mono not flouro, costs like 7 bucks for 100 yrd spool. Thanks chris
  5. Just curious, has anyone tried this stuff? Twist wire leader made by staminainc. Going to be down July 9th - 11th for some shark fishing and I want to make some leaders. Think this stuff is any good? Chris
  6. Hey, Got down to the island this weekend to fish and both my wife and I caught our first sharks from the beach. We were camping at the state park and fishing on the beach there. It was so much fun. We will definitely be doing more of this. Can someone ID the sharks for me, I do not know what kind they are? Also, does anybody keep and eat any of the sharks? Thank you, Chris
  7. What size hook would you guys recommend for a bunker head or a half a spot? Circle or 'j' ? I'm guessing the normal fish finder type of rig setup.
  8. Hi! My names's Chris and I'm new to the site. I'v bee reading it for quite a while. I will be down at the national campsite in AI for a couple of nights at the end of the month. I have caught small fish like spot from the surf and baby blues from the 50 bridge last year. The idea of shark fishing intrigues me. I have a few questions. Is there anyplace to rent an ocean kayak? I would like to give it a try. Do you think it is worth trying with like a whole spot or baby blue just casted out as far as you can or do you really need to yak the bait out. The idea of taking bait out in the dark or around sunset scares the hell out of me. Has anyone ever been bumped while yaking out or wading out? Thanks in advance for any info.