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  1. I have been finding these techniques effective in various lakes across the state of connecticut. Also in the connecticut river for smallmouth. Where abouts is the lake you were mentioning? If you are not finding anything that works i suggest exploring the shallower parts of the lake with live bait if the lake permitts it. ~steve
  2. This spring i have been very successful fishing for pickerel. I have found that they are mostlly in deeper water right now instead of the usual shallow water they like to hang in. I have been using floating rapalas generally 3-4" and either shad or yellow perch colors. Believe it or not, i have been trying different drop-shot styles and techniques and i have found them to be successful as well.
  3. Westbrook, Connecticut. I do a lot of surfcasting there. Its really good june-october. Sandworms and fresh chunks of bunker are your best bet.
  4. YES! Believe it or not i have been catching more yellow perch so far this year than any other species of fish. I caught alot of them ice fishing this winter too! The best way i have been finding to catch them right now is to use live pond shiners on the bottom.
  5. Last summer i was surf casting off a beach in westbrook. I casted my sand worm out and put my rod in the PVC rod holder i had sticking in the sand. I turned my back for about 20 sec. then looked over at my rod and it was gone! I knew something pulled it into the water. So as the day went on low tide came and the sand bar came up off the beach. I could see my rod on the sand bar with a 32" striper still on the line.
  6. Whats going on with the weather this spring? Fishing is no where near what it should be this time of year. Who else thinks the same thing? I know where i've been fishing the water is extremely cold for this time of year and the fish are not very active at all. You really got to fish hard to get anything. With this weather i dont think opening day is going to be any good either. The rivers will be too high and muddy.
  7. i would b interested in participating in this tourney. tell me more. Hell i'll do it!
  8. If you are finding it hard to catch bass this time of year it is because they are getting into the breeding process. You almost gotta piss off the fish in order for them to strike. this means making numerous casts in the same spot to eventually produce a strike. The best thing to use it a crankbait of a jerk bait with alotta action.
  9. right not i am finding that the best technique for largemouth bass fighing this early in the year is to use a 2-4" suspending crankbait. the flashier the colors are the better it will work.