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  1. Maybe you should wait until I build that CTS blank you like. Then I'll cast it a couple of time and turn around and sell it to you. Thanks for the call on meeting to try the blanks out. Kid duty kept me from the fun. alleycat
  2. Monkey off my back! Heading out around 2:30 am this morning. With the advice from bucket, I landed my first rock of the season with my second cast. It was the tail end of high with the first fish, fat 24in. Second one didn't come until the tide started moving out. I'd say about 5:30. that second fish had some sea lice on it's body. Few others around me started hooking up. I wanted to stay and fish more but wanted others to have a chance at some fish. It was tempting to fishing longer. Seems the fish are further out in the channel this yr. I guess it's due to the dredging. One thing I notice was either my body is getting old or I need a new rod with more backbone. Felt like I struggled with the schoolies. Better bust a move on wrapping that new blank. alley cat
  3. well... i don't think I have it anymore. Came up with a few taps but no hook ups. With the high boat traffic and boats fishing the channel, I decided to pack it in. Playing daddy to a 6month old and a 2 and half yr. old has rusted my touch with a rod and reel. Felt like a noob out there:crybaby2: alleycat
  4. nice job dixie! do you guys want me to come out early morning and show you how to catch a drum and run:tounge
  5. Since the last VACAN meeting, I've been fighting a terrible head cold/sinus infection!!!! Need to wet a line before the "Baby Blues" Humm... maybe a little salt air might clear things up. alleycat