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  1. you always call me when im at work and when i call you back you dont get up with you this week
  2. Fished the HRBT today. Going out the wind was slightly out of the southwest....6 hours later on the way in it had turned to the NE. caught all the 14in flounder you could ever keepers but i tagged a total of 26 fish today. Beautiful day to be in the water like always..
  3. Decided to hit the beach and do a little fishing with the girlfriend and friends....only brought 2 rods..threw metal for a while and was lucky enough when a school of blues came through..nice size to them all around 24in. Cut ssome blue up and tossed it on the heaver and got a few rays and dog sharks....Had fishbites on a bottom rig later on and caught quite a few roundhead. nice day out on the beach with a few fish caught...cant beat this view either..
  4. itll be sure we will start to see teh big croakers heading in soon..
  5. im gonna swing down there in the mornin and snap some pics
  6. im pretty sure you cna kiss the pier goodbye
  7. play hooky tomorrow and coem to corolla tomorrow..gonna yak some bait out
  8. haha i was sitting in class paying attention to fishing websites instead of intra aortic ballon pumps haha
  9. prolly gonna head out there on friday...thinking of yaking some baits out for big cobia..haha..anyone interested..Jamie?
  10. Decided since it was so nice out that I would splash the yak after class. Brought the bare minimum with me since i wanted to maximize my time out there..main target was Spanish...Got out there and paddled out a few hundred yards off the beach and started casting sting silvers..lots of small blues. Finally a few hours into it i got the first Spaniard of the day. There was 7 inches of fish on the bitten off by a toothy critter. Took what was left and threw it on a hook and put it on the bottom. Let that sit for a bit and continued catching tiny blues. Clicker pops on the bait rod and i fight a good 20min with what may have been a Bull I guess...had kind of a blunt nose. Was right about 3 feet in size. Got to use the arc dehooker for the first time and it actually works pretty well. Paddled in after that and got everything loaded up... a beautiful night out there on the water....