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  1. To answer some of the questions: Both "She, who must be Obeyed" and I fish from our Kayaks, of which we have 2 each, why 2, I don't know! One each sit on top, on each sit inside. Brought the sit insides up, but may bring SOT back later. We hail from the St Pete/Clearwater area. Have fished a lot of the "back waters" and bays, and have done very well, we think anyway! We had one man canoes when we first went down to Florida. Now we want to fish the Pocomoke Sound, have done a little yakkin already, some rough water, some nice. We are staying at Tall Pines Harbor Campground at Sanford VA, and its about a mile and a half paddle to the mouth of the river. I have paddled it a couple times and went up a couple of the creeks in the area. Now if the fish would just start biting what I'm throwing, whatever it is that day! Maybe we'll see some of you on the water!
  2. Well maybe not the latest but.....Living on the Pocomoke Sound at Sanford Va, moved up for a temp job that is gonna last longer than expected. We fish outta our kayaks and am looking forward to weather that will allow some catching, am getting interested in surf fishing for big Reds, Charkies. Will appreciate any info about where when and what baits!