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  1. Kevin fishes the ships a lot he has Striped Bass and Tog dialed in. You should give that place a shot. Rudee Inlet and Lynnhaven Inlets are good places to fish from early spring through late fall and if the air temps are warm enough then you can fish theses areas later in the season. You can also fish the Elizabeth River starting in the late fall and through the winter.
  2. . Hi Seas maks a quility line. I have used only the Quatro with good expirences. It is a sturdy line with excellent abrasion resistence.Quatro does have a good reputation with their bran od line. BA you mat have just gotten a bad spool of line.<o:p></o:p>
  3. Sounds good to me so what time is dinner? LOL
  4. nice catch. looks like good eats
  5. Nice to see you posting again.
  6. Awesome catch
  7. Nob

    Thats my next spot to target. Fished the rail at Rudee this morning caught 20 flounder on live minnows, only one fish big enough to tag at 16".
  8. Nob

    Memorandum from VMRC Dated may 5, 2010 "We request you no longer tag flounder less than 12 inches that are caught inside the Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries, or inside Rudee Inlet."
  9. Congrats. There is some really good red fishing in that area. Keep up the good work and keep posting
  10. Nice catch Andrew it wont be long and you will be able to keep that stripa
  11. The Va. Beach Pier looks lonely
  12. Congrats to all the winners
  13. Perty werk
  14. Now that picture looks fimiliar. Nice catch
  15. AK thanks for the report. I talked to Mark today and he told me about his 49 and Alex's 44. Keep putting in your time you will get yours soon.