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  1. is this the place, i take my kids back here often
  2. i stole ya post and put it up on another site to hope to get more involved that may not about over here
  3. looks like i may be able to fish friday, was wondering who might be where so's i may meet a few ya....i'm thinking of heading ta back bay to hit the out going; give us a yell back, or look for the guy with his 2 little girls, well not that little (7 & 9...and do a good job catching,not look forward ta hearing something chris
  4. stole this pic from butch off another site
  5. where you at geo i catch a few of mine in the river near my house here in norfolk, i too use a minna trap but have wired one side closed
  6. it was wierd once i got one one on squid casting out to the middle of the cove near OI bridge from the catwalk, was looking for a bait fish and got a lil scrappy fighter so iguess they could be any place the jellys are
  7. red drum reported the first cobe beached, shouldnt be long till the start to show around here....just thought i would pass it along
  8. i dont recall seeing any signs like at rudee, hmm seems the the folks that live that way dont want us on *thier* PUBLIC beach
  9. sounds like a good day out nonetheless, i'm gonna take the kids out and relax myself a bit today:happy9: