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  1. SORRY GUYS - My log on days are few and far between.....

    Oct 24th just checked this page

    call me anytimne 757 620 3925

  2. any spots available?? What is your rate?

  3. hey man, was that your number you posted in that forum? because tell me where you're going to be and we'll come out this weekend.

  4. There is 2 of us looking. but for this summer, june through august. and on the weekends during the winter if possible.

  5. yep sure DID....came home with a box full of sea bass and tiles

  6. hey man did you drop um deep today?

  7. hey jamie, hope you been well ...any word on the three mile since this cold snapp?

  8. thanks . didnt find any big cats, well nothing over 20lbs,but had plenty action toward the end of the day. i posted the results of my weekend in the fresh water reports

  9. Good Lck in your hunt for cats in the James