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  1. FROM Back bay NWR website:The 2011 hunt schedule will consist of opening day October 1, 2011 and the following days being October 21, 28, and 29. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge | Northeast Region, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  2. FYI for our Virginia saltwater fishing brethren know that the red drum run at Sandbridge is just getting started now and the night surf fishing permit for Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is the best 35 bucks that they’ll spend on drum fishing. Story goes like this here: Last night (Oct. 8th, 2011) about 8PM at the first wood walkover of Back Bay NWR beach I caught and released this 47” red just after casting a small spot head past the bar. This bull smoked the drag out of the sand spike. I was bowed up in a hurry with this monster and she was headed for the horizon so I hit her with some more drag and finally got her turned. Then she took me about 100 more yards north before working her up onto the beach for the photo opt, tape, tag, and successful release. Big thanks to Andrew and Darrell in providing the drum assist (clearing the other lines, spot lighting the line, and landinging support) on this beauty. Our non-profit thanks to the USFWS and the Back Bay NWR refuge staff especially Refuge Superintendent Walter Tegge and Biologist Chris Hernandez who are directly overseeing the Refuge’s night surf fishing program. Tight lines and screaming drags! Mark
  3. David, Awesome fish you earned that one for sure! Catchin' big drum on pompano Maybe I need to rethink that one now. Good to see you again. Hope to see you back down at the Refuge as the drum run is just getting started Mark
  4. Wednesday (8/24, 515-815pm) Refuge report: Sporadic small (12”) blues on stingsilvers and berkley gulps ~ mini blitz would pop up here and there so ya had to chase’em up and down the beach unlike Tuesday evening’s epic affair. Doug worked the blues for the most part while I worked the heavers. I also caught a couple of spot. I did have a big very brief run and bite off by what I surmise was a big toothy critter. The smoked and broke story goes like this here ~ bombed a fresh bloody bluefish head out with a 7oz pyramid on my RS 1509 & SHV30. 3-5 minutes later just as I finish reelin in my spot rig, I see my heaver bow over and start screaming from the spike. I throw the spot rig down into the sand and start running, a 30yd sprint and I’m on the rod, with a 9’0 Owner circle hook I just bend back apply pressure and put thumb on spool since initial blast run had stopped. I quickly remove thumb with the start of a second big run and I crank drag down. Another run more drag, another run a little more drag and now were bowed up big time only for another brief moment when my 50lb shock gets bit clean through. Right as I get bit off the water explodes about 200 yards out due east of me (fyi that this thing grabbed it and was headed for the horizon). At that moment I’m like a dolphin maybe? But wait no dolphins anywhere around before during or after?! So I reel in my chit with a slightly burnt thumb left only to ponder the size and type of it all. Oh well next week eh Mark
  5. JSB, Awesome pics as always! Thanks for the post and the pics `bucket
  6. Hey Lou, Hope your enjoyed Hatteras on the Scratch Pad this weekend. Dogs are fine and even a few BLs still in the fridge. See you later today and bring fillets eh Mark
  7. Nice catch, good eating, and a great shameless advertisment
  8. Fished the Refuge Beach yesterday (7/3/11) morning. Good weather other than the brief shower All the small 6" croaker you could want! Big schools of menhaden close to the beach such that we snagged 1/2 dozen with Dixie specials for bait. Plus we had plenty of sand fleas in the surf (more bait). Caught a 3' Atlantic Sharpnose and some skates before packing it up by noon. Water is still a bit cold. Looking foward to this fall's drum run. Happy 4th of July and be safe beach `bucket
  9. Awesome pics as always Brian :happy3:
  10. Nob

    Might want to hit the Spit sometime to Steve-O
  11. Clay, Just come on down to the Refuge for the Fall drum run and even fish after dark the first of October ~ it'll be alright :happy3: Mark
  12. Hi Lou! I sent Sam a note asking him to fix your login issue :icon_rr:

  13. Andrew, Can't wait to see the video of you bowed up on big red this fall at the Refuge Stay warm Mark
  14. JSB, Dixie Steve was north of ya Saturday, then he and I were there on Sunday catching similar sized rock fish 2-3 miles off the beach at the Wright Brothers Memorial. Only difference being we ran out of Rudee Inlet on a boat Thanks as always for your fishing reports and awesome pics `bucket
  15. First and foremost thanks to all our participants, sponsors, and VCAN volunteers to help raise $550 and one heavy box of can goods for the Foodbank of Southeastern VA. 2010 RATC Tournament Results # 1 Russell Morrow Hampton 6lb (heaviest striped bass) 2nd Nigel Wright Richmond 5lb 2oz (Jr. Angler) 3rd Jason Ramsey Norfolk 3lb 12oz 4th John Kelly Virginia Beach 3lb 10oz (2009 RATC Champion) 5th Alex Field Virginia Beach 2lb 8oz 2010 RATC tourney recap: Tough conditions with the passing front including a NW 20-25 to start and NW 30K to finish. All the stripers landed were not caught until the last 4 hours of the 24hrs of fishing. Morrow's winning fish ate a live mullet and the others were tricked by bucktail lures being jigged in the light line next to the pier. Again our thanks to Cabin Fever Communications, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Authority, the Chesapeake Grill, and Bass Pro Shops Hampton for hosting and sponsoring this great event.