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  1. One more for the new season. This time I asked for something a little different. The rod is 6'6" but not sure of the rating. I'm guessing 3/8-2 oz. I wanted to maximize it's length and still keep it as light as possible. I asked for cork grips and shorten the rear grip to only 4 inches. It looks a little odd but is light and surprisingly well balanced. I think I'm going to like this one.
  2. Ok! this time I'm done. No more rods.:eusa_think: Just like I like it. Simple
  3. This is how I lived through the snow storm. I was brutal but I made it.
  4. Lip

    Fished from 8am till 5pm. Put out a float rig and nothing. The blues rolled in after 3pm with a crazy change in water current and temperature. From 68-76. Never seen anything like it before. You could cast past it and hold bottom, cast in it and forget about it. The current held my float rig under till it slowed down. Never seen choppy water and glass water side by side. Might have been a whirl pool in the mix too. I spent most of the day wearing out the flatties. Of coarse the Va size limit is 19 in. Got close around 5 times. Biggest was around 18.
  5. Paid half with the neighbor and let me tell you it was worth every penny. Bisbing got knocked the EFFFF OUT! HA HA HA HA!!!!! Should have kept his trap shut. :eusa_clap: Lesner distroyed Meir but look like a nut zak after the fight. He might need to leave the WW stuff behind.
  6. Had a freind give me a few boat rods and reels. There was a small blank and reel seat in the bunch so I had it built for cheap. It's graphite and looks to be rated at 2oz. The rod has a small bend in it. I'm sure it happend from being proped up against a wall. Is there any way to straiten it out? My rod builder said it might and might not.
  7. So after he came to terms that I'm his real son he asked me what the hell I did with such a long rod(insert joke here). I took him to Damneck beach and casted a few Heavers. He was amazed to see lead fly like that. While casting I explained the different blanks and ratings, head wind, reading the beach, low and high tide, circle and J hooks, shock leader, and knots and stuff. After we packed it up he asked where I bought my rod and I told him I have them custom built. He then proceeded to point a gun at my head and made me drive over to Uncle Ronnie's so that he could drop some cash and have a 8-12 tangerine CTS built for me. I just want you all to know that I did try to resist. BTW I don't usually wear a hat.
  8. whenever I can get away from the wife!
  9. Took the CTS 8-12 out to Damneck today. I enjoyed casting the prototype a few years ago. I just couldn't wait to get my own. I got out there and just lobed it out to wet and adjust my line and the thing took off! I actually couldn't wait to reel in so that I could really put some azz behind it. The rod handled 6, then 8&bait with ease. I was surprised on how easy it is to load with out putting to much into it, even though I did . Matched up with a saltist 30 it just felt like butta. I highly advise to give one a try. I'm sure you'll find it will fit in just fine in your arsenal. I have to say I'm very satisfied with its performance. The wait was worth every penny.
  10. Picked up my rod from Uncle Ronnie last Monday. He built it just the way I asked him to. Nothing fancy, I just want it to cast and fish. The wife pitched in a Saltist 30 to match. Can't wait to get it out in the surf.
  11. I doubled up the nuts so that they would lock. I also stuck the all thread through 1/2 inch PVC then that through the 3/4. Works like a bearing and helps keep the thread from tearing up the 3/4 PVC.
  12. Yes, Jeff and I killed a few hours on the kayaks. I think I'm gonna like the whole kayak fishing thing.