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  1. Yea I heard about the new Boat talked to you right after ya got it. And on the 16th we dont know yet since the St.Paddy day Parade in OV is on the 15th and we might hit the one down in Kitty Hawk the 16th but we are talking on which one we are going to B.G. of naggs head butu if Kimm has a say Im sure we will meet ya there along with D.J. and his wife. Ill call ya this week and let ya know. what the word is
  2. Vodka and fishing is much betta But the turkey and BL would be much better.... oh and I did hear a rumor that there has been a few puppies hit there a week or so ago but then again Rumor it could be.
  3. Well since you let the cat outta the bag how did you like that new Hummer I got Jamie black and chrome and set up as a fishing tank EH! And hows it that Jeep treating ya told ya she was a beach running beast. but then again I guess we both woke up lol .. Hey did Andy ever get that rod from ya? if not get with me I might take it off ya hands. to match up with the new Lami I got,, with a 144 getting ready to be wrapped. Oh and we have a trip planned Buxton Bound March 7, and 8th maybe the 9th also ,, yall should come on down and wet a line with us. Ok last beer and im off to bed. BoNeS out
  4. After a lil time away and getting my fishing stuff together and revamping some things. Da BoNes is back. But I am sorry to say I may not be doing alot of Virginia fishing this year as I have been in N.C. doing most of my fishing but needless to say Im back. So lets get some lines wet and have them rods all bowed up cause the season is knocking at the back door and is about to burst wide open. BoNeS out
  5. Why do I have this feeling that maybe he got into something by that report Mark lol
  6. Word also has it the Boones will not take place in this pier build also the city has picked it up.
  7. Pier WILL GO UP NEXT YEAR Talked with Stan (Digger) yesterday, and if anyone knows its that ole bugger :happy3: . If I remember right should be done Aug of 2008 or thats when the Building Begins One of the 2.
  8. Myself wont be fishing that much there either, Will be at seaull also myself alot of then time. But when the reports from OVP were 4 cobes seen in 3 days with one landed off a bottom rig by the cleaning station and yes on a high low drop rig Bottom rig. Yea I went as much as I dislike that Pier ,, only due to Management but maybe they will have there stuff straight this year. But will be in a secert spot Sunday Yakkin baits out from the shore ,, in a very well know Cobia spot. Will report Afterwards that day if I can get away from the Pool thats going in at the house.
  9. To hook the Blue with out killing it is to hook him between his head and dorsal fin. and then have a stinger which is a treble hook between the tail and dorsal. Be sure not to go to far down on the body , that will kill the fish then slide him down ya anchor line till he is about 9 inches under water so when it swims around at times its tail will kick up the water and cause a splish and a splash every so often. But make sure it is under water but just where ya can see him. If ya like next time I head out ill post the night before and we can meet out there and I teach ya some of the secerts of that Pier/ and other things. BoNeS
  10. Got to the pier at 6:30 this am had pin rig up and line wet with a live croaker off the front left middle,, Jr ( yes He I let him Skip his first 2 classes ) had his pin rig up on the left corner as we were on the TEE. We were there looking for the all mighty man in the Brown suit. But had no takers even when I switch my croaker for a nice lil candy bar blue fish. Was a steady bite of lil crokers, sand pearch, seen one spot, and alot of under size flounder. fished till 10:30 am so I got him to school with his Dr's. note i wrote for him and off to home to shower for work. Wind was suttle but yet hard at times right in our faces coming from Hampton, tide was ripping good on the incoming. Should be back soon to another pier soon Oh and even soaked a nice lil blue head for bait ,, Crabs were eattin up the crokers chunks I had out also. Water was a lil dirty but not to bad. All bait used was bleeding fresh or live.
  11. Well the water will be lower,,, Blue moon this month (2 full moons in a months RARE ) plus the winds. Good catch on the Inshore slam Andy, Been wondering where ya been hiding. Get with ya when We get back from Buxton,, going for round 2 this weekend after the awsome weekend we had last weekend just hope the fish are brown and not red lol
  12. Snotty, but hey at least ya was in the best place in the world where I am soon to be moving :blob1: well looking to gettin a camper/trailer and setting it up on a lot down there. Oh and where di ya fish at when ya was there?
  13. By far the bestSteak and Chesse sub place in all of tidewater. Located in a lil strip mall just off 64 exit the Tidewater dr 200 yards from the exit.
  14. No sign ,, no law,, just sounds like one of them owners are buddies with a officer, I sure hope that isnt the case.