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  1. Well as always had a great time, good eats, got to see some old friends, and meet a few new ones. Dave & Andrew it was great talking with ya all hopefully get to do it again before the season ends. I got several nice pups before the tourney started but NO REDS when it counted, maybe next year Thanks Bev, Terry, the judges & all involved for a Great Tourney.
  2. Dinner anyone?
  3. Yea they finally kicked us of of the beach, it was a nasty day but the fish didnt care. Im kind of glad they did because im stupid or crazy enough i would have stayed out there and turned into a icecube.
  4. Carolina skiffs they make real nice "island hoppers" good for getting away from the crowds this spring!
  5. And one of our colder days fishing.
  6. heres one from a off shore trip last summer. AH SUMMER
  7. It maybe alittle early but Im going to start hitting the Island in mid march. I just got a feeling:icon_scratch:
  8. Very nice work!!
  9. I just sent a pair of maui jims back for the same reason for the second time, they break right at the bridge piece above your nose. Both times they sent me new glasses so I am very pleased with there warrenty service. except for the fact that it cost me $5to ship them back each time, but when they make me pay return shipping its $10. I called and talked with samantha she was a pleasure to deal with and a great help.
  10. John henrys has some real nice fresh bait.
  11. Congrats!! I was out again today will post a report when I get home.
  12. I fished ai yesterday (tues) had four stripers (2 shorts&2 keepers) and a black drum. Will try to post pics when I get on the laptop.
  13. I read somewhere,and seen on one of the shark shows that Bulls have been caught as far north as NJ.
  14. Fish thurs am for a couple hours and managed one fish and then the skates showed.
  15. Cool I'll have to see if I can scratch up the $300
  16. If you don't get any trades, would you take $230 cash??
  17. Nice!!!! Who wrapped that for you?
  18. I know him personally, I have several of his Rainshadows here if you want to take a look at them, 1386,1418,1506,1508,1567,1569. all different styles of wraps.
  19. Very Nice!!! I know who made that rod!! I have seven of his rods sitting in my living room just waiting for spring!!
  20. Dms

    Hey Cpt, You Don't have to have a 4x4 to be a member to join, If you would send me a PM with your address and I get some info together and send it out to you.
  21. 40" 's shoot for a 50" and you'll get 40's My goals for 2010 are just to have fun with friends and family, and if I catch fish thats a bonus!! Hope all goes well with the hip if you need anything give a yell. It wont be long we'll be on the sand again
  22. Hit the sand wed got into the blues and ended up losing about $6 worth of circle hooks to old yellow eyes, kept one for the smoker. Also had a couple ling, Scott it was great talking with you also.. I'm with you on the biggens but I"m quiting yet he might still swim by.