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  1. Yeah, I have been talking with Sam and Jim and we are trying to work something out, will keep you guys posted - BB
  2. OK, OK, good to be here, but I have to ask the quesion: are you ready for another smart a$$ on the board - BB - LMAO
  3. Hello everybody Kinda new to the site, Sam invited me to take a look around and I like what I see, with forums covering pretty much all you need to know. My specialty is developing rods and reels and a little long distance casting – in my misspent youth! Now I like to help people with casting technique, reel tuning and the likes. I’ll try and check in for a look around on a daily basis. Nice meeting with y’awl - BB
  4. Actually, you would probably shooting for northern Portugal, which please's me because I live in England!!! BB
  5. They catch something very similar in the top end of Australia and the solomon islands, they call it a Saratoga, pretty much a prehistoic fish by all accounts. They pull hard and leap around too. BB