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  1. Been a banner year for Reds from the Beach, just have to put in your time and maybe be a bit lucky at the same time. Bucket nailed six from the beach a little over a week ago and I got six myself just the other night while ole Frankie pulled in two himself. Best year for reds from the surf for me, and I know it's been a personal best for many others as well for multiple fish days and overall count. :thumbup: Still ain't seen a slot or a yearling from the beach, been all rats or paper, absolutely nothing in between 18"- 39" inches. I think between Mark, Andrew, myself and others we probably have about 60 on the beach. Everything has been on fresh mullet until last few days, when the drum seemed to make a brief switch to fresh spot. Took the day off today as five days stright of humping it down the beach and getting battered by waves has taken it's toll on me. Anyway you probably still got some time left to go get you a few, so go get em before it's too late! doh Here's a few pic's:
  2. Cast netted some primo mullet with the cast net yesterday and Bucket scored some nice yellow bellies and we pulled the graveyard shift at Dam Neck for the incoming and outgoing. Nothing but a Sharkathon for Bucket till we walked off the beach at 3am. I didnt get a sniff and he could't keep the 3-4 foot sandbar sharks off of him for anything. Entertainment value for a bit none the less as some of the sharks gave some nice runs which we thought might be a drum. Wind was right when we got to the beach, but turned on us and essentially shut the bite down including the sharks. Headed back at it this morning for the incoming and outgoing with our leftover bait as the wind was back in our favor. Got on the beach and headed to a hole we had found, but someone had already beat us to the punch so we set up a little south. Water is stirred up pretty good for the first hundred yards and clean after that. I get sand spikes in the sand, bait up and toss out a nice sized mullet head/body. About 3-4 minutes goes by and I see my rod twiching, so I pick it up and as soon as I do, I feel the fish start to go North with my bait ever so slowly. I proceed to ease back on it slowly and BAM, fish on. This time I immediately know it's a drum and she begins to give me a nice fight through the breakers. A few minutes later I was rewarded with this nice beauty below, not bad for a first cast and within the first 4 minutes of soaking your first bait. After that, the water began to clear up and the bluefish began to wreck havoic on our baits as soon as we put them out, and Bucket continued his Sharkathon from the night before landing a few more sandbars and losing a few rigs in the process. Walked off the beach about two hours after outgoing. Go Drum it!
  3. Andrew should be able to taake those Garbo's off your back so you can go back to catching a drum and win the tourney!
  4. You boys should be hitting it anytime as I put a 47" TL on the beach last night and Bucket put a 49" on the beach this morning down here in Va Beach. Go get em!
  5. OK, don't get me wrong here, I love fishing from a boat, but my true passion is my toes in the sand doing battle with the surf and this time of year is what I patiently wait for each year. The winds have finally taken their shift from summer SW to the N and NE blows of fall. With that means drum season for us surf fisherman is upon us and can happen at any moment.The past week for me has been like my past three years trying to land another sacred drum from the beach. Pinched nerve in neck or possible rotator cuff issue and absolutely no luck at all.So in pain or not the past week, I have been putting in my time everytime conditions line up for the possibility of a drum from the beach. Started to head out the dorr yesterday in the morning, but too much from the NW, so decided to lay low all day, re-tie shock knots, rigs etc, and hit the beach for a PM session when the wind was to turn NE witht he tide coming in.Hit the beach with Mark aka "Bucket" and set up our spread about 530pm with the tide still coming in. Out of the box we both had some nice runs which produced some healthy sandbar sharks 2-4ft which were good tackle testers. From there a small showing of small reds, bluefish and an occasional spot.Tide went slack and still no bull reds, so we then waited for the turn and started to put out what we had left of our "premium" baits we had left in the cooler. I get a screamer out of the box, but just another fat healthy sandbar, so I then put on a decent mullet head and toss it back out medium to short as my casting ability with my neck was going downhill fast.About 5 minutes into the bait soaking I get a slight pull which sets off the clicker for a brief moment and my line goes slack, I'm sure at this point its another sandbar. Get the line tight and the fish feels like some nice weight, but not really making any runs or much at all, so I didnt have much of a problem getting it to the first bar, but once that happened the fish got pissed. From there I find myself doing the rod dance, going over and under our lines trying not to get them tangled and next thing you know I'm 60 yards down the beach. Bucket goes and gets the big flashlight as we still have not seen this fish and when he puts the light on the first breaker, there she is, a big bull staring at us as she is still fighting her butt off. A few more minutes and the first bull red of the 2012 fall run is on the beach at 47" TL and the weight of the world is gone! Couple of quick pics from the cell phone cam and get her back in the water and after about 30 seconds of ensuring she is ok, she gives be a big dating game tail smack in the water and is gone.No more drum the rest of the night, but as I sit here and finish this report I got a call from Bucket who did the morning session today and he just put a 49" on the beach.
  6. and I had a ton of pups to the North at Dam Neck up to 18".
  7. Hit BBNWR with Bucket and Ward......Clear water, west then SE wind, tons of bunker up close, but not many takers. Squeeked out a few blues and one guy had a beautiful spanish pushing 3#'s from the suds. Nice Day even though fishing was slow!
  8. NIce class of fish out there right now aint it!
  9. Sweet video we took here:Tuna Time -- Norfolk Canyon 7-8 Jun 12 on Vimeo
  10. Well, been a long time since a report from me, but here goes. Hit the Norfolk Canyon Thurs/Fri for an overnighter with Mike Avery on Seaduction. Thursday - Saw lots of sharks on top of the water including a huge hammerhead. 2/4 on the YFT and 2 Mahi off the balls. Overnight - Winds picked up, nada, dumped all the bait over in the morning and a damn shark came with his mouth open and engulfed the bait and cut the sword light off at the same time. Friday - 5am on the troll rods go off early!!! Ended up with 13 YFT to approx 60 pounds; most in the 40-50 pound range. Will post some pics when I recover a bit more!
  11. Dad

    Just saw this post Sam, God Bless!
  12. Stiff E wind and some churned up surf. Bucket and I got a small blue each, a few spot and a small black tip. Nothing else!
  13. Fished about 3 hours and only a lost flounder...few jimmys over the rail and scattered schools of mullet, not much! Seems the older my kids and I get, the less time I get to go out fishing!
  14. Wind: ESE 5-7mph Water: Stirred up and cold first 150 yards; clear after that Bait: BWFB, Cut Spot & Croaker Water cold up front, could see the break line just out of casting distance, scattered sand fleas in the wash. Small croaker and small to medium spot on Bloodworm Fishbites, and two skates on fresh cut croaker/spot. Didnt give it long as I was not up to Skatefest Summer 2011 edition. Probably will hit it later tonight or first thing in the morning as it looks like it should clear up soon.