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  1. A lot has changed pretty gave up surf fishing, took up sailing again after a 10 year break. I still fish but mostly in the Chesapeake, keep the boat in Cambridge and use it as a floating camper. The traffic at our beaches has tripled in 10 years and I'm in it all week so the bay is a great escape on weekends.
  2. Its only been 8 years but i am back.
  3. cool the flyfishing forum is back this is my method of choice, the hard way. I was hanging here often until the flyfishing forum disappeared glad to see its back jimw
  4. Just got back from Cape Henlopen point caugt a blue every cast all between 10" and about 17" fresh cut mullet they are everywhere have fun!!
  5. Just got back from Cape Henlopen point caught a blue every cast all between 10" and about 17" fresh cut mullet they are everywhere have fun!!
  6. Hey Dixie The campground on the state park has hot showers and the federal side has cold both are nice but after getting bait and hopefully fish smell all over you the hot shower is the ticket. there are also several close by motels that are very affordable as it is off season rates in most places, i would check the AMSA handbook some of the motels are AMSA supporters too. Good Luck Fishing JimW
  7. Bugs were not an issue a few black flies but not to bad i think the stout east wind kept them in check. i may go back this weekend
  8. We really liked the place the beach was nice too i like how you can pull up on the beach take a dip and back to fishing. Most people fishing were complaining they were not catching many keepers. We did great for our first time there. It didn't seem like there is much to do except fish but thats why we like it the wife loves fishing as much as me. Fresh fish, cold beer, campfires, friendly people its a real shame i have to work for a living. Thanks for the info
  9. Well we had a great time. Thursday breezy and drizzle left the ramp and tried the ships caught 4 sea mullet, and 2 blues, Friday more small stuff until the tide slowed and the wife catches a 22" flounder,15 minutes later i get a 21.5 and a few minutes later a 19 then they shut off at the tide change. Saturday was the best weather wise so we took a ride to fishermans island no drum but did get a few trout and a 20" flounder. Sunday fished the ships again due to high winds and got more sea mullet and four blues. The people and the area were great we ate fresh fish all weekend and had a few cold ones back at the campground. We will be back.
  10. Hey Dixie We are on are way and should be fishing tomorrow i will post a report when we return on Monday. I think my first stop is going to be Chris's B&T and see if she has any advice to offer and fill the bait cooler. It looks like the weather Gods will be on our side for the time we are there, the NE. winds are suppose to lay down finally and with a little luck we should getting into something. Look for the report on Monday
  11. me and the wife will be visiting Kiptopeeke state park from wensday thru sunday was wondering what is happening down there in the way of fishing. i will be bringing a small 16'skiff. just wondering what is the best fish to target this time of year and is the lower bay the spot to fish? or oyster area? not looking for specific spots or honey holes just trying to narrow thing down a little this is my first time fishing the area, but i am a saltwater veteran and usually fish the Delaware bay and Indian river area. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks Mdram lots of info and all kinds of spot burning too. LOL
  13. I just started fly fishing at the end of last season and im far from an expert myself. I have plenty of flys clousers, deceivers. half and halfs, bend backs and a few crab patterns in all the hot colors i'm sure i have something that will catch, just looking for an edge with only 3 days to fish i want to shorten the learning process.