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  1. tried a local pond from 1-4 today. one 10" bass on a soft right off the bat and nothing for the next hour. managed an 8" lm on a crankbait, my son hit a small perch on a diferent crankbait and then he hits this puppy, estimated 24". probably 6#, in open water. i told him you can't catch big bass on hot days, don't you hate it when teenagers don't listen?
  2. Welcome! Sorry about late notice, but I live in Bear and fish the Canal/DE River area. Right now mostly catfish, a lot of perch. Sturgeon *are* there, but I only hear of 1 or two caught all year, most sightings are dead ones washed on shore. There will be some resident stripers (schoolies/slots) but they're hit or miss. Bunker and crabs will work for cats, usually hit a few over 5# and not uncommon for 10#+. Perch have always been suckers for fishbites bloodworms or the real thing, some over a pound. Eels are a resident evil, but when the stripers are running, can be a prime bait in the 6-15" range. Anything bigger than that is bigger than the residents right now. Give it a few more weeks, with the heat and lack of rain, the salt line will move up towards the DE Mem Bridge and I have seen blues, flounder, spot, croaker caught from Augustine in late August through September, usually once the crabs are in full force up that far. I'll post if I get out anytime soon. Oh, I usually fish the rocks from the Canal or the Reedy Point Jetty, sometimes take the boat out around Reedy Island.
  3. Nothing from OC surf Saturday morning (except some great scenery), a few small tog Sat afternoon from the bulkhead at 2-4th St, and a lot of small ones Sunday with one that yanked the rod over the rail. By the time I snagged the rod back, the fish was gone. Frozen fleas Sat, live fleas Sunday (kids caught them in the surf). Stuck northbound til July, hoping to have the Toy down there for some JackSpot, Fingers, Masseys action.
  4. Sunday morning, 2nd st bulkhead, fed a lot of them but did have a tog about 16" come home with me on a frozen flea. First tog ever for me, my son had hits all over but couldn't set a hook in one. Fished last hour of incoming and an hour of slack high. Went to inlet around 1pm, I only had one hit on a flea but my son using bunker and mullet had hits all over again. Switched from large hooks to small thinking they were snapper blues but small hooks didn't help him either. Fished til about 3, saw 1 smooth dog and 2 short tog come up the rocks but they all went back in again. Going back down next weekend, either trying for more tog or will try for some blues int he surf.
  5. Our club fished from 5:30 til 11:30 today. Only 4 boats showed, we thought we had it won, but we lost to a good guy today. Most hits came on crankbaits in open water, we had our (club rule) 3 fish limit early. About 11 my buddy hits back to back 3+ lb lmb on softs in about 12" of water. Weighed in just under 10# for our 3, and culled a limit during the day. 2 other boats posted one or two fish, then the last guy comes in with a 6+# largemouth and a 3 fish weight over 10#. Most of my fish came in the open but the 3 biggest fish today came in from in pretty tight to the shoreline. Sassafras next month
  6. might be, see the next report
  7. I haven't had much luck. Skunked at Garrisons 4 weeks ago. My buddy and I pulled about a dozen from Killens 2 weeks ago on soft plastics but nothing over 1.5 lbs. Lums next weekend, haven't heard anything earth shattering there yet. Guy I know did hammer 'em at a Kent County pond a few days ago (didn't tell me which nor did he tell me baits) so hopefully they're getting more aggressive.
  8. Sorry about delay, I have problems with **** passwords, logins and computers that like to act up. It doesn't help that I'm barely computer-literate. Yes-ish. I have someone interested in the 80W but haven't heard from them in awhile. The tackle box is still there. I ended up buying the bay outfits from my friend but some I'll be willing to sell. The electric set up is still available. Can sell as an assembly or will sell electronics only but won't sell rod and reel seperately. Do you still prefer me to delete and start over? I'm going through stuff this weekend to clean up. The boss has "asked" that I clean the garage up a bit so people can actually walk through it.
  9. Been a long time, had trouble getting password and log in stuff corrected. Yes, everything (and more now) is still available. Can delete and start over if you need to free up space or if you need to archive it due to age. If I get fishing, I may actually have a chance to post a report. 1 trip (skunked) since may (dogfish attack). Been getting alot of projects done at home.
  10. Misfit Never EZ Sushi Attack Got more not suitable to post!
  11. Interesting comparison, fishing OCMD for 30 years, I always thought an 8-10' hole was deep. In the DE Bay, I rarely hear of flounder being caught in less than 20', and most of mine have come in 40' +/-. Some boats are reporting catches in 60-70' of water. Granted it's a larger and deeper body of water, but it took me awhile to adapt to the line diameter, weights, everything else that comes with changes that dramatic. But, the basics are the same. Shoals, rough bottom, channels, etc are still the lurking grounds of DE Bay flounder. Rarely do I find any on flat bottom. I've also done well fishing the "down current" side of the lighthouses in the past but with NJ and DE having some "requirements" now for non-resident boaters, I'll be sticking to the DE side of the bay.
  12. Fished just east of the big fleet between F and G cans. Best for me was 30-40' water, SWT was 66-68, caught last 2 hrs of incoming, 5 flounder, 4 keepers to 22" along with some sharks, skates and a stargazer. Single hook flounder rigs, yellow pink, white and chartreuse all worked with squid/minnow and squid/shiner for bait. A stargazer is one UGLY fish!
  13. My dad and uncle have made 3 trips to the Rte 90 area, so far they've got 1 keeper per trip with nothing else. Dunno if that's good or bad. Do you like quantity or high percentages? Anyway, the usual shiner/squid or minnow/squid. Pink skirts have been the favorite so far.
  14. Not much to report unless you like doggies. Only 1 tb flounder yesterday, a few skates but all the dogs you could ask for including many doubles and 1 triple header, and all dogs between 3 and 4'. Well, I had the "smallest" at 2.5' long. Finally called it quits when the wife and kids said their arms were too tired to fish anymore. Water temps were 63-68, caught last of outgoing and slack low but water was very clear.
  15. SWT 51.6, water DIRTY, lotsa straw and trees. Had 1 nice run off and a few channel cats for the wife and kids but nothing to excite me (no stripers). Pretty good small marks on the finder, a few stray large marks all in deep water, 30'+, but again, nothing to note of any schooling or anything consistent for targeting an area. Will try again next Sunday WX permitting. FWIW, whitecaps and stiff breeze, family spent most of trip hiding in cabin.