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  1. i hope they don't do that on federal side:angry9:
  2. i'm glad to hear someone with some good action from the suds:icon_santa::icon_santa:christmas came early for you this year.i'm hoping ai heats up soon.well it sounded like a nice fishing trip.:eusa_dance:
  3. i'm going to try again this weekend as long as the north west wind stay's away:angry2::angry2::angry2:the big boy's&girls have to come soon &play:eusa_dance::eusa_dance::eusa_dance:
  4. fished hard friday caught the skunk:angry7::angry7:on the way off we did manage to catch a GMC had to tow it 3 miles off the beach 4 wheel drive broke:angry5: pretty day northwest wind =no fish
  5. i'll be in my friends truck again black f 150 .the wind is going to blow the same direction &speed as last time.hope to catch more than we did last time.the skunk:angry1::angry1:how did youfellows do?
  6. going early fri. morning maybe bloody marys&fire may stir up some big fish.tropaw met you at the air pumps 2 weeks ago may see you there & catch some fish:happy10::happy10:
  7. nice to meet a fellow surf junkie tropaw.fished pretty hard sat using fresh bunker chunks&heads.caught the skunk but nice being out first time this fall.the big ones will be along soon i hope.i had a kick ass fall last year:happy7::happy7:
  8. fished ch.island for the first time in 2 years sat.after an hour wait high tide plus pipping plovers:angry1::angry1:anyway caught first keeper rock of the year 30" 10#:eusa_dance:weighed it in at capt.steves real nice tackle shop
  9. i'm really looking forword to meeting all our fellow anglers. mabe the weather will stay right & those big blues hang out. caught a 34" last fall that was ablast:happy8: :happy8:
  10. so far my wife grandson little white fishing dog &me .sounds like a blast:eusa_dance:
  11. i saw an add that a guy out of delaware teaches people to surf fish for 50$ an hour.pretty sweet gig huh.
  12. son in law myself the wives &the new granddaughter fished fish for about 6hours wind was sceeming.6ounces held thou.fresh bunker from bevs.no pullage but nice to be out first time this year.headed off the beach about 6:00 & could see birds diving stopped to throw lures but they were out of range.