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  1. Glad to see you back! I'd about given up on you! I need another bumper sticker - wrecked my Explorer in the meanwhile and need one for my Expedition!
  2. Cool video! How big was it? I couldn't hear. Also, what size/type hook and what test/type leader?
  3. WOW! That is one BIG sharpnose!
  4. All very cool! And aren't you glad those our OUR jets?
  5. OK, but WHAT is a "Roy Rig"? What do you use it for?
  6. If the eye of the hook is bent, then snell. If not bent then tie or do not put the line through the eye when you snell. If the eye is bent "up" (toward the back) put the line through the front of the eye first. Circle hooks are rarely bent "down". Sometimes you will find the bent eye hooks called "octopus circle hooks". If you are loosing fish, try to remember that the fish sets the hook, not you. All you do is put your reel in gear and lift the rod tip a bit. Also, wait until the hook has been swallowed, as it hooks on the corner of the mouth on it's way back OUT of the fish. The hook is set as a result of the fish swimming AWAY from you, it can't make the turn out of the fish's mouth without catching on the edge of the fish's mouth.
  7. I've not tried it, was thinking of using the GT or such knot, but that should really be a "smooth slide through the guides", let us know how it works out for you.
  8. Great report! Glad to see them hitting on the troll. No BFT?
  9. Where are you?
  10. THAT is an awesome picture! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Black Adder - thanks for the review. As I sell that product at the tackle shop, I'm very interested in "reel life" experiences with it. Now, are you comparing it with other products in the same price range or are you comparing it with "the higher priced brand"? I'm not often given to recommending mono other than "the higher priced brands" due to similar experiences, but I'm not nearly as experienced as you.
  12. For $5.00 the Penn 209 (if in not too bad of shape) is a great buy. It just isn't a cast-able reel in today's sense of the word. But it is a great boat/pier reel.
  13. It kind of depends on your jetties and rod as to your reel selection. A distance casting baitcasting reel is rarely a level-wind. A reel capable of reeling in a shark would not be used for fluke usually. But I'd suggest a Penn Squall 15 star drag for a general all purpose baitcasting reel w/o levelwind (whch means no - plugs/metal) for a wide range of rods.
  14. It was great seeing you again Brian, and meeting you Sam (I just now put 2 & 2 together LOL) and I'm glad you all had a good time. Sorry the Eels let you down, they have all been told again and again that they are to hold on to those cobia until they are in the net!