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  1. Soon as I find out when it is...I will be there.. Im expecting to do alot of "AI" this year.
  2. Sorry Guys, Don't have any pictures of the inside yet..I tried to get some from E-BAY...but they where Xed out.. I bought the camper from a fishing fool who had it listed on E-BAY. Hey...If U see me on the beach...stop by and take a look for yourself...
  3. Thanks Guys...I did figure out the tire pressure..At least I didn't get stuck...(YET)...I started @ 35 all around..Seems to work fine...Time will tell. When you see that RIG stop by for a BEER...Captbob71
  4. Got to the island last week 80' inland 44' on Assateague...Tried out my new rig, a little to cold to get lines in...Maybe the end of this week..
  5. I've been gathering information on the Penn conventionals for a few months. My goal when I started this was to figure out what parts are interchangeable with what reels - in particular, are there gear sets to speed up a squidder. Also which Newell parts can be used on which reels I still have a long way to go but here's the info (minus pictures) so far. If you can add anything to it please do. Penn Standard Conventionals: 25, 25M Monofil – 26, 26M Monofil 340 of 12# 27, 27M Monofil 60 Longbeach, Smallest of the longbeach series, 500 yds. of 15lb., 2.5 to 1 ratio 65 Longbeach, 66 Super Longbeach, 67 Super Longbeach - 300 yards of 40# test mono 68 SuperLongbeach - 500yds of 40 lb., 2.5 : 1 ratio (trolling reel) 77 Sea-Hawk, very low end bakalite reel 78 Sea-Scamp – lowest end bakalite 79 Sea-Mate 80 Conv. 85 Sea Boy – low end reel 99 Silver Beach - 3 to 1 ratio 100, 100M Surfmaster, 150, 150M Surfmaster, 200M Surfmaster, 250 Surfmaster 130 Sailfisher 140L Squidder, 140L-LH Squidder (left), 145 Squidder, 146L Squidder 149, 149M, 149L Mariner 155, 155M, 155L Beachmaster, 160 – ratio 2.8:1, 150 Yards 30 Lb Dacron160M 160L Beachmaster, 165 Beachmaster 180 Baymaster (Spool is 1 9/16" WIDE), 250 yds. of 18 lb, 2.8 to 1 ratio 185 Baymaster (up to 1970), 185 Seaboy (1990+), 190 Seaboy 249 Mariner, 349 Master Mariner, 349H Master Mariner, 349HC Master Mariner 259 Live Bait Caster 267 Long Beach, 268 Long Beach, 285, 285M Delmar – bacalite sides 500 Jigmaster 4-1 gear ratio, 275 yards of 30 lb 500S Jigmaster, 501 Jigmaster Narrow Spool, 505HS Jigmaster High Speed - 5-1 gear ratio, 275 yards of 30 lb 506HS Jigmaster High Speed 970 Mag Power 980 Mag Power 990 Mag Power Penn Levelines 9 Peerless 9M Monofil 9MS Peerless Monofil – 400 of 12# 10 Mag Tuned – BB's, 4 to 1 ratio, 275 of 15# mono. 109 Peer levelwind, Capacity 275 - 15LB mono, Ratio 3.75 / 1 109LH – left hand retrieve 109M, Peer, Monofil 209 Peer, 209M, Peer, Monofil Sr. Level Wind reel. Gear ratio 3-1 line cap. 320yds.of 20lb 209MF – 250 of 36# Nylon - 300 mono (from side of box) 210M Mag Tuned 210 MS, Levelwind, Ball Bearings, Gear Ratio 4:1, 350 YDS./20LB 309, Levelwind, Gear Ratio 3.0/1 . Capacity 30 LB – 350 to 375 YDS 309M Super Peer 310GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 320GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 320GT2 Super Levelwind Graphite Next Gen. 321GTi-LH Super Levelwind Graphite 320LD Super Levelwind Graphite Leverdrag 330GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 330LD Super Levelwind Graphite Leverdrag 340GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 4/0 345GTi Super Levelwind Graphite 5/0 350M Leveline Matching size drag washers – 10.60,65,85,99,100,110,140,145,146,149,150,200,285 ,910,920,930,940, 860,870, and 880 9,109, 149,155,25,160,180,26,27,209, AND 350 210, 309, 500SL,501, 505, 506, 500, AND 112H 113H,113HSP,113HL,113HLW,340GTI,AND 345GTI Matching Spools 100,180,185,190 and possibly more 79,80,85,285 and possibly more 60,111-285 (and possibly more 49-149 (and possibly more Matching side rings 155,160 and 180 and possibly more 66,67 and 68 (and possibly more 2/0 111 Senator, 60 Longbeach, 85 & 285 Matching Base Plate Penn 30-66 reel stand will fit the Penn reels 66,112H,150, 209 and 309 Newell graphite RB2/15 (Plastic)stand kit with clamp & Stainless Steel clamp mounting screws fits the Penn 112H 3/0 High Speed Senator, 145 midsized Squidder, 150 Surfmaster , 160 Beachmaster, Albacore Special ( a converted Penn Jigmaster with a S99 spool this stand & Newell SP1 posts) or any Penn reel using the 29-65 or 29-66 stand & fits the Newell 229 Or 332 with the short screwed frame ,a set of 4 Newell short frame screws. The Penn stand screws will be too short Newell Graphite ( Plastic) SP4 Suport spacer bars. Parts have " Newell on them in bold white letters , note change in style of the letters they are slanted now. One post has a metal strip so the line will not cut into it. These fit the 220 or 322 Newell reels using short screws or , The following Penn reels 501,506,349,149,49, & the 110 1/0 Senator using longer screws. THESE REELS NOT YET IN THE SYSTEM #6 International 14 Atlantic 125 Seagate Baitcasters See International Section for Int. Baitcasters 920 Levelmatic Narrow Spool w/CB-handle 20LB = 120 YDS, 4 to 1 ratio 930 Levelmatic w/CB-handle 940 Levelmatic w/P-handle 1000 Baitcaster 2000 Baitcaster Senators 110 1/0 Senator Light Tackle Trolling 111 2/0 Senator Light Tackle Trolling 112 (3/0) Senator Light Tackle Trolling 112H (3/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 113 (4/0) Senator Light Tackle Trolling 113H (4/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 113HN (4/0) Senator Baja Special 113HL (4/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 113HLW (4/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 113HSP (4/0) Special Senator Wire Lining 114 (6/0) Senator Light Tackle Trolling 114H (6/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 114HL (6/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 114HLW (6/0) Special Senator Light Tackle Trolling 115L (9/0) Senator Medium Tackle Trolling 116A (10/0) Senator Heavy Tackle Trolling 116L (12/0) Senator Heavy Tackle Trolling 117L (14/0) Senator Ex. Heavy Tackle Trolling 118 (16/0) Senator Ex. Heavy Tackle Trolling Offshore Leverdrag Models GLD 20 GLD 20ii GLD 30 GLD 30ii GLD 50ii 10KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed 10LD Formula Graphite Leverdrag 15KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed 15LD Formula Graphite Leverdrag 24KG Formula Graphite Leverdrag 2-Speed 225LD Graphite Leverdrag 245LD Graphite Leverdrag 246LD Graphite Leverdrag Misc Offshore/Trolling 25GLS GLS series Graphite 40GLS GLS series Graphite 45GLS GLS series Graphite 49L Super Mariner 525GS Graphite Series 525MAG Graphite Series 525MAG-T Graphite Series 535GS Graphite Series 535MAG Graphite Series 545GS Graphite Series 545MAG Graphite Series 555GS Graphite Series 555MAG Graphite Series 855LC Linecounter 875LC Linecounter 895LC Linecounter PENN COMMANDER 30LW ratio 4.2 : 1, 330 yards 30lb
  6. WOW.....I LIKE THAT BOX TOOOOOO.....How did that fish get in there...Takes up to much space..
  7. You Guy's are talking "GAR" Type fish...I saw this fish up close...If I didn't know any better, Looked like a baby MARLIN...It had bright GREEN eyes...Except marlin don't have teeth like that...
  8. Anybody ever see one of these??? I saw one caught last year from the SURF on Fenwick Island...
  9. YEA NICE, But dose it have a G80????? :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5: :happy5:
  10. My truck has the factory tires on it.. LT245/75R16 Don't know why they put 16" tires on a GMC Sierra Crew Cab..I would think 18" should be standard for better ground clearance with the 4X4. They don't even offer that as an option.The GVW rating is 9200lbs. Tire Pressure on the door jam says "Front" 65 "Rear" 85..That's what I run on the road..I was thinking about lowering that a little to get a better ride. Any input would be helpful...Don't want to get stuck 1st time out..LOL
  11. GENE REYNOLDS CELL PHONE # 302-545-3051 GENE REYNOLDS BB HOME # 302-537-0294 The 302-834-7418 number is his winter home in St.Georges. Tell him Captbob sent ya...
  12. I just bought a Reynolds Rack from Gene @ his BB house. I got all the options he offered on a 30X60 rack. Plus he added 2- 2" Rod holders for my 15' rods. Making a total of 10 rod holders..The price was $732 If anybody needs his contact info, let me know. Thanks Captbob71
  13. Hi Everybody, I have just bought a ARTIC FOX slide in camper and want to go up on the BEACH. With this camper on my GMC Sierra 4X4, (Approx weight of the camper is 3100 lbs) I would like to know what air pressure to start with, should be in my tires???Anybody with a large slide in have a idea??Thanks Captbob71