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  1. maybe Md. will be less inviting because of the 19" size and three fish ,and more anglers will try Va. with their slightly more liberal limits. It worked for Va. last year.
  2. thats the best oyster news I've heard in thirty years , way to go, I wish I lived on the water so I could show And grow! kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THANKS FROM AN OYSTER LOVER.
  3. seen thoes same pic,s awhile back its was a tractor trailer that hit it then.
  4. can't hardly wait to go eat some gnats at the dock in wachapreague,it'll be worth a fresh flounder dinner in the campground, could be this weekend the way the warm is supposed to come.
  5. been a while since I checked this , but I'm not from VA. lived in Md. since birth Payed taxes since 1958 , I support cleaner water ,and oyster restoration ,just not the wasteful way Md. has gone about it the last 30 yrs. try something new for crying out loud!
  6. they only lists ten boats all buiilt in the forties steel hulls ,i'm rootin for the salt water to keep eatin um up, they probably are in the gulf now maybe a couple will break down comiming back here .
  7. How about my old 86 it still was a comfortable ride,and got a lot of looks.
  8. how many Millions have they wasted over the last 30 years,and now they figured it out , do the same things again , BRILLIANT!
  9. I fished a lot this year and did not catch 50 stripers. let alone keep 50. this guy in the video is a contractor not a commerical fisherman ,he is the reason a commerical fisherman can't make a living. I 'd like to know what % of the total income comes from fishing should have got the tag # or maybe some one could check.
  10. it would be nice to read about red being caught this weekend`, I just can't bring myself to go on the holiday. my truck is gettin a face lift anyway, i'll see you-all in a couple of weeks .