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  1. Nice fish! Sounds like the crew of the boat kinda tossed a cobia jig in the area and snagged this beast. If thats the case Can't be a record. IMO this catch is BS, the guy from the other boat said he didn't think the shark knew it was hooked until they hit her with the gaff? Really dosn't sound like a rod and reel fight to me, maybe I'm wrong???? Sad to say but as sportsmen we must be very careful with our actions to avoid giving amunition to the tree hugger hippies.
  2. mmmmmmm...... Pot of gold
  3. Gore a vegetarian, vegan at that? It'll never happen, he's far too self consumed to admit he is more interested in the publicity than the cause. Gases or not I'm not going to shun meat and become a vegetarian. And that's ok because I'm not on a crusade.
  4. Quick turn around, looking forward to getting my hands on a few.
  5. Awesome, good size! I'm sure it's tough to get the ok from the Coast Guard on those type materials. I figured the organization was using those welded pyramids.
  6. Great idea Randy. The dark blue with a tuna embroidered on is going to look sharp. What are you ball parking on the consumer cost now? And what is your production time frame? I'd like to purchase a few for the summer charter season to send to some buddies down on the gulf.
  7. Or you could just get a dog
  8. Just wondering about the size and structure to be placed at the site?
  9. Put mine in the mail today.
  10. You don't know how happy it mad me to come home from work, put on my fat pants, turn on the tube, and see the Communist News Network broadcasting the story "Is Gore Really Green?" It makes me feel like all is right with the world again to see this brought to the attention of the American public. Finally someone with the resources to reach the masses threw out a flag .
  11. True animal lovers should be so lucky as to be free from of peta. Life just ain't that easy.
  12. I wish no such torture on any animal. I like your thought though, throw in Hillary and Nancy for good measure, and send them all on a one-way expedition to the south pole.
  13. The caterer not bring enough sterno? I feel your pain. T-rats and anything from an MKT, terrible, may taste ok sometimes but they will tear up your stomach. I do recall a fancy meal, we called it Breakfast "FUN", egg's bacon, and green peppers seasoned with sand ( maybe those were the ingredients, the lab results never came back) all mixed together........mmmmmmmmmm Oh yeah, GO ARMY!!!
  14. Just got it downloaded, it's good stuff what with my spelling impairment.