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  1. Looks like a blue back herring to me. If it was an Atlantic it would have larger eyes and tiny scales like a trout.
  2. Definitely a herring. It looks a little skinny for a shipjack. If it had very fine scales like a trout it is an atlantic herring. If it has larger scales and rough scales on the belly it is a shipjack sometimes know as a sawbelly herring. In any case it is some fine striper bait.
  3. JansonZ, I checked my profile and It says I will accept emails, and I sent you a PM yesterday. I will send you another PM with my contact Info. Jay
  4. Hello Jasonz, Sorry for the slow response. I had to do some repair work on my software and ended up losing my user names and passwords. Sam, Thanks for the heads up. Jasonz, I fish a number of non-designated streams which have wild trout and are not stocked by the state. It has taken me 30 years of exploring and brush busting to find them and a number of them no longer support populations of trout due to development and Agricultural activities. Others are no longer available to due to increasing access problems with land owners. This is one of those streams and fortunately I have found one land owner who is willing to give me access. I will tell you that the stream flows through Glyndon, Butler, and Hunt Valley to Loch Raven Reservoir. If you are a local guy then you know what I am talking about. It is a fragile resource and I use barbless hooks and realease all my fish. Unfortunately it is receiving more fishing pressure from some of the local land owners and their friends. They must be taking more fish out of the stream than they have in the past. Some of the other large brownies I got last Fall came from the lower Gunpowder. I hope that is a help and if you want more info. you are welcomed to PM me .
  5. Thank you guys, September and October is prime time for brownies. Now it on to surf fishing for blues and Rock.
  6. I did some trout fishing last weekend in an un-named stream in Northern Baltimore County and I saw some really nice spawning Reds and some of the trout were in spawning dress. The male browns looked almost black in the water, but when I landed them that had a deep purple cast over some really vibrant colors. Beautiful fish and I did not think they spawned this late in the year. I have attached a photo of one large brown I caught earlier this fall in the same stream
  7. Well I guess I missed the spot and the time frame. I see that these guys were further down stream away from the shore eddy created by the dam gates and that they fished in the evening instead of the morning. I did see a few folks catching hickories down stream, but they were not exactly tearing them up. My guess in that there was an intial push of fish came up with the full moon tides, but they sure seemed to have dispersed by Wednesday. Oh well, I guess I need to try the evening bite.
  8. Well I fished Conowingo dam yesterday and it was a no go. I caught two white shad in 5-hours of fishing. Got there at first light and they were only running the gates in the middle of the dam which caused a big eddy by the shore. Tons of big mud shad and carp were working the shoreline and not much else. The hickory shad fishing has been good in Deer Creek, but no one has seen many white shad or hickory shad at the dam yet. That was suprising because the water was 64 degrees. I guess that report was just a tackle shop trying to sell some stuff. Maybe next week?
  9. Howdy Sam, Yeah it has been a slow start this year and I had to cancel my April Hatteras trip due to the ORV access problems. I plan to do an Assateague trip the weekend of May 3rd. I look forward to seeing you out there. Tight lines, Jay
  10. With the warm up last week the pond fishing in Maryland really picked up. My wife got a 7lb largemouth bass this past Friday and lots of bass in the 12-19" range. Five-day warming trend combined with a stable weather pattern and almost a full moon made for some great fishing. The bass were hitting everything that moved. Sorry I forgot my camera. I don't think my wife will every forgive me for not getting a pic. Should be some good white shad fishing now. Anyone with a recent Conowingo report? Thanks, Jay
  11. Fish Assateague Island Monday-Wednesday with fresh bunker chunks. We got out late on Monday and did not get a particularly good spot. In 10 hours of fishing we only scored some skates and one short striper. We had a number of hits that did not take the rod down? It was very windy on Tuesday and we had about the same results on the beach, so we went to the inlet and fished low tide using bucktails, shads, and flies with no results. Wednesday we got out early, got a good spot and fished hard. The spot we had looked like it had two small suck-outs with big shell deposits on the beach. We fished 6-8 rods and changed baits about every 10-15 minutes. Skates and more mystery bites during the day, so I went with smaller hooks and baits and started catching short stripers. Most of the shorts hit a soon as the bait touched down. 5 shorts for me 23-27" during the day. The wind shifted from the NE to the SE and it warmed up a little at the dusk. We were confident that something good was going to happen. As soon as it got dark we had a spiney dog blitz that lasted all evening. The doggies hit the bait almost immediately and they finally wore us out by 1:00 AM. The weather was not bad except for early on Tuesday and I was happy that all of our gear worked well. The big fish never showed, but it was good to spend some time with a good friend on the beach. Maybe next time.
  12. The wrist is finally healed up and I am over the "Cold From Hell" . I will be out at AI Monday-Thursday and will follow up with a report. Sounds like a good number of big blues were caught on the DE and Ocean City beaches today. After over a month of being laid up I am really looking forward to some pullage. See ya out there and If you see a white 4Runner feel free to Say Hey.
  13. Sam, Thanks for the update. Do you know if any shorts or decent sized bluefish were caught?