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  1. Yeah electronics are great.... Until they don't work...... Got stuck on an on ramp last year cause I didn't notice the 4wd didn't engage when I switched it..... Guess those lights don't matter if you don't look at them!
  2. Have been debating getting a sticker for AI, how is the beach access during summer busy times? How early do you have to be there to be sure you get on the beach when you want? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Guess they were making $$ the Holiday weekend, was on the beach Sunday and they actually did safety checks. Two next two us got tickets, I greeted the patrol with a smile and said safety check right? Then proudly displayed my items as I rattled them off one my one....... Thank you sir have a nice day....... Just glad I wasnt' beaching a shark at that time....
  4. I don't target arks, just doggies especially in the spring. However just like said before throw a big fresh bait out and you never know what will bite. I'd won't have to worry, I usually break off the big rays in the surf just tryin to get them in. However those little toothy critters better watch out!! I landed a few hammerhead puppies last July. Let it's been said just be smart & safe...... quick pick if you want and back in to swim again.....
  5. Unless you're fishing early or late, I think that time is already here. Also Cape Henlopen, is a joke most weekends. The SUV's making multiple trips to get people, the canopies set up, and one fishing rod in a holder that may have had bait on it an hour ago. Not sure what those signs that say Must be actively engaged in Surf Fishing are for? But then if you fish the off hours it's still my favorite place to be. While I'm ranting I may as well ask how I'm gonna check to be sure the shark I have on the end of my line is one of the "endangered species" Take care and tight lines
  6. Thanks everyone for their input, Gonna try to hit the beach Sunday/Monday save some of those bigins for me!
  7. Hi all, have learned a lot that has helped me in the surf. I'm planning on hitting the Rt 50 Bridge some this year. Like to get some opinion's on a few things. 1) good rod/reel set up for the bridge. I figure I'll mostly be throwing swim shads, bucktails & gotcha's. I do have a 7t Ugly Stick, would that work with the right reel? 2) Line, I'm guessing something that can take the beating and keep on ticking, something around 25-30lb test? 3) Best place to buy a bridge net? Thanks Hope to see you on the bridge sometime this year!!
  8. I was a wimp and didn't go out Friday..... Figured I'd do keep the wife busy on the ugly day. Went out for two hours Saturday, right at high tide. Nothin.... Nadda.. Went to the early service Easter and headed out for a few hours to enjoy the weather. First fish of the year a Striper!! Ok half a Striper... 12", but since I got shut out of the linesiders last year I'll take him.... and an hour later a 23" Bluefish.... Both fish were take on cut bunker, Fished bloodworms, and didn't get nothing with them. Last fall we bought a vacation or as I call it (Fishing) home in Millsboro. Looking forward to spending a lot more time fishing in the Suds this year.
  9. Great photo's thanks for sharing. I often salvage a slow day on the beach with some pictures.
  10. back from Monday-Friday trip down.... Nothing really outstanding, CHSP Wed & Friday was full of little doggies... just a couple of small spot, & skates besides the doggies. Had fresh mullet cut & on mullet rig was hoping for my first bluefish of the year. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday fished north of Indian River, lots of kingfish again, biggest ones were on a small piece of squid with the fishbites. Spot were off & on also on the fishbites. Of course had my share of skates. Most unusual catch of the week was a small sea robin...... Seemed the better fishing going into the low tide rather than the high tide. Well keep them lines tight, I'll be down in September to hopefully catch my first blue of the year!!
  11. Back from visiting the Delaware area Monday-Thursday. Lots of fishing & catching!! Best catching day was Monday, kind of overcast, doggies & kingfish kept me busy. After seeing a small one caught next to me 4th of July weekend, I got to bag my first hammerhead puppy..... Actually two within an hour.... Had two big rays on, 1 each Wednesday & Thursday. Does it count as a catch if I had hold of the leader, & pulled the hook out? Gonna have to borrow a shark rod to handle those things. My 11ft Tica & 35lb braid was put to the test and did not get either ray up to the beach... (kind of glad about that!) Cause then I gotta get them back in... Broke the hook off on the second one..... Kingfish & Spot were banging fishbites bloodworms. Rays were on cut spot, sharks on cut bunker. Well back home for the weekend to rest, and then we'll be back down next week.
  12. I used something a little different to catch my kings. On my small rod I put a small sinker on the end of the line, and used a hook with red beads & small gold spinner tied off of a fish finder rig. Most of mine were on fishbites bloodworms. The few fat ones were females full of eggs. Only kept one that was deep hooked. Most all were caught just outside the wash.
  13. Just back from a great holiday weekend. Fished 3r's Friday afternoon, Conquest area Saturday & Sunday late morning - late afternoon. Didn't see one Blue Fish caught? Lots of little Doggies, a few skates, I hooked a large ray, got him right before the wash and the hook gave way. (was kind of happy about that!) A few kingfish spread out Best time for all fish seemed to be right before high water, but was action off & on all day Sat & Sunday. (Friday @ 3 R's was a skunk for me maybe due to getting there right at high tide) Kingfish were on the fish bites bloodworms, other fish on squid, cut finger mullet, and fresh bunker. Did see a first for me, Sunday afternoon guy next to me pulled in a small Hammerhead, somewhere around 20-24" is my estimate. All in all a great weekend weather at the beach was fantastic.
  14. :coffee:First trip to the Outer Banks was in the fall of 08. Making a return trip the week before Memorial Weekend. Only the wife & I so instead of renting a weekly, we're going to use hotels. Was planning on starting north and working our way south as the fishing/weather permits. Anyone recommend hotels that are fishing friendly? I've got a four wheel drive so I can move to the open area's to fish. Just like to be able to throw a line in late or early from the hotel also. Also any reports of the current fishing will be appreciated. Will be stopping at TW's upon arrival....... Thanks, Kevin:coffee: