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  1. Send us a message on facebook and we'll see what's going on - that's my bday so I'm not sure if we can make it out or not on the 22nd - maybe on the 23rd though
  2. Dave - Are we doing the fling this year? I keep asking Jimmy so I thought I would resurface here and ask myself. You need to fire up the threads for who's bringing what and see what shakes out! Amanda
  3. We got two of the Malibu X Factors from Matt (aka pier_man) - great guy and might be able to work with you on getting it shipped to a business address since Matt is lucky enough to live in NC!
  4. As we were leaving Assateague yesterday a gentleman stopped us at the pumps and asked us if we would answer a few survey questions. He identified the company he was with (which I don't remember the name of) and said the information was being collected for NOAA. I asked a few questions and he assured us the information was not to be used for setting limits or minimum sizes. The questions included what state/county we lived in; how many days last year we saltwater fished; how many days in the last two months; had we ever bought a new vehicle specifically for fishing/hunting; had we caught anything; what were we fishing for. I didn't think anything of it until tonight when we were at the GMP meeting I asked a few people if they had seen him or knew what the information was being collected for. The park service lady who was listening asked me to hold on a moment and grabbed a gentleman and asked me to repeat myself. He said they are to have permission and they were not aware that he was there. So.. did anyone else get stopped? and if so, did you happen to get any information. I have the name and email of the park service employee I talked to - he said if they email or send me anything to forward it on to him so he can look into it - he seemed genuinely concerned.
  5. Hey Mark! How are you? Jim and I attended the first meeting tonight. We spoke with the AMSA president for awhile, met the new superintendent, as well as speaking with several of the NPS Staff. I felt it was a productive session with most attending there to speak about public access to the beach, maintaining the current OSV Zone, and even heard a few mention wanting to open up the back road. They handed out comment sheets but also encouraged everyone to submit their comments, suggestions, and feedback online. Here's a link to the current newsletter they have released - there's a spot called "comment on document" in the upper right hand corner that you can submit information. You can also use the following email address that was set up specifically for this purpose - Thanks for your support and that of VCAN!
  6. Just want to bring this back to the top of the discussion forums so people don't forget to get out the meetings - and if you can't make the meetings start writing letters - we don't want to lose our beach access!
  7. The ocean city inlet is one of my favorite places to fish.. if the blues are running through you can catch one on just about every cast .. and there are definitely rockfish to be caught as well. We usually use different kinds of lures - gotcha plugs (so far wal-mart is the cheapest I have found them) are my personal favorite but my husband also uses the hopkins spoons, buck tails, and I have played a little bit with a few other lures I have picked up along the way. Weight and bait is definitely not my preferred set up for the inlet. Good luck!
  8. Also depends on whether you are on the National park or state park - I don't believe the state park is allowing alcohol on the beach this year.
  9. I know a couple of people have asked about rides... there's usually a few people who can taxi up and down the beach - if you think you'll need a ride pm me and i'll give you my cell number I'll keep an eye on the site throughout the day from work...
  10. Looks like we aren't having a bad turn out .. can't wait to see everyone!
  11. Very exciting .. glad to see people are going to make out .. new and old! Can't wait to see everyone and meet some of the new members
  12. Below is a list of things that it would be nice to have. If anyone can bring anything just copy and past the list and repost it with what you want to bring. You can also bring things that aren't on the list especially if I forgot something. There are definitely some things that more than one person can do also - feel free to pm me with any questions. Can't wait to see everyone after this long winter and to meet some new people as well. Main Dish ~ Fish ~everyone (maybe we'll actually catch something) firewood Bait - Amanda & Jim (one flat) Coolers Ice Drinks Tables/tailgate (2) 3 would be nice Gas grills or charcoal Hamburgers Hamburger rolls Hot dogs Hot dog rolls Ketchup/Mustard/Relish Tomatoes/Onions/Toppings Chips Plates/forks Napkins/Paper towels Side dishes Desserts - Amanda (brownies or something) Hand washing Trash bags Clean up We will need some people that will be staying late to help with cleaning up to walk the beach where we have set up at to make sure that no trash has been left behind. Thanks again everyone!