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  1. Plover population control. Tastes like chicken!
  2. I agree. His athletic skills can be put to good use in another career requiring physical strength; I can think of any number of occupations. Bagging and sorting dogturds by hand comes to mind as particularly appropriate.
  3. Nice pelt.
  4. Holy crap! Bizarre, though, how little damaged the front clip appears. Perhaps he actually simply ran over it, and it got hung up in the transaxle, forcing it up into the engine compartment? It looks like only one small part of the front grille was smashed out. Unless it was a tiny deer, and it managed to be rammed in facing the car somehow. That's even more impressive than the one of the deer that jumped over the overpass directly through the windshield and into the passenger seat of a chili pepper red Dodge Durango.
  5. Hhhhmm, maybe it wasn't just his cooking, then... It wasn't the one I bought from the Asian market, was it?
  6. Sorry for the crappy quality...I just took these with my cellphone. Next time, I'll bring the videocamera...watch out! G1jzNvGWsMU ENfhG_Rrkfk 3269NvlWZmY rJ93ZbmozYU tLGEgeH2mqQ
  7. Exactly. It was very popular in the "fashionable" salons of a century or so ago; Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde were fans of 'The Green Fairy'. "The first stage is like ordinary drinking, the second when you begin to see monstrous and cruel things," wrote Oscar Wilde of absinthe, "But if you can persevere you will enter in upon the third stage where your see things that you want to see." I have tasted what was supposed to be "real" absinthe, from Europe. Just a taste was enough for me. Kind of like Nyquil, but with almost a minty aftertaste. Horrible. It's supposed to be consumed in a specific manner, with a teaspoon and the sugar cube, so it produces the "louche", or an opalescent swirl in the glass. Part of the experience, I guess. Still tasted nasty, and I had no desire to try it again. But, since the amount of thujone in absinthe sold in the US is in homeopathic proportions, any "effects" from commercially available absinthe in this country, are either the result of poor manufacturing processes, or a placebo effect. Needless to say, I'll stick to my Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry.
  8. O RLY?????? Love ya.
  9. I hope you said something to the management there, because I know they would want to know, and would definitely address it. Some cars do not require the gas tank to be dropped, to change it, but if yours does, they should know that. I am most impressed by the way a business (any business) handles matters when things do go wrong, as a measure of their integrity and commitment to doing good business.
  10. No, not at all. I hadn't read that particular study, but it is quite relevent in context of the predictable results of an oversupply of labor in a previously stable and healthy economy, without the accompanying and compensatory effects of overall growth. I had misinterpreted your response to mean you had read my actual writing previously, which would only be possible if you'd read my mind. In actuality, it seems you meant that the points made were remniscent of another period in history, and therefore predictive of what's to be expected in a similar situation...history repeating itself. The difference, however, is the immigrant population you mentioned, wanted very much to assimilate into this country, and did so by learning English and adopting our customs and traditions while adding their own to our culture, enriching both. Far too many of today's immigrants would rather try to live the Mexican/Hispanic lifestyle with its norms and standards, arrogantly rejecting American culture and values, while contemptuously expecting Americans to shut up and "embrace diversity". A divided society is trouble in the making. We've seen that time and time again, one group demanding, threatening, the other, capitulating until the absurdity of political correctness reigns over common sense. In my opinion, be legal, be eager to learn English, assimilate, be American, and be welcomed. Or go back where you came from, and take your anchor babies with you.
  11. It isn't the solenoid. The solenoid acts as a relay, in an on/off position, to direct the current to the starter. If the starter is spinning, it is getting current. If you hear a "click" from the starter, chances are your solenoid is fine, but the armatures/brushes are worn out. I doubt the flywheel is an issue, unless you have some serious other problems going on. It is possible to damage the teeth on the flywheel, though, so the sooner you have the starter replaced the better. I have seen loose starter bolts cause that type of problem, but I would have to wonder, how did they get loose to begin with? The hammer trick will sometimes work if it is the solenoid, by whacking the poor relay contact back into a temporary state of continuity. Also, if it's a matter of the brushes in the starter being so worn, or the bolts being loose, anything that physically separates them from the armature, a good whack can sometimes jar them a bit closer, long enough to make contact, to get you where you are going. Nowadays, it seems most solenoids are integrated into the starter. So what could've been a cheap and relatively easy repair, turns into the hassle of replacing the entire starter.
  12. Yes, Grant's is the place to go, for routine maintenance and repairs. It used to be Grant's Texaco but I think it is a Shell station now. It is located on Rt 50 and Truitt Streets in Salisbury next door to the Mexican restaurant, and by Subside Deli. I have been going there for many years, and have always found them to be honest, courteous, and stand behind their work, not that I have ever had a single problem with anything they've done. They don't do "unusual" or "non-standard" repairs or installation, and they don't do more than general repairs or maintenance on exotic cars. But, what I like about them is they will tell me right up front if they don't feel comfortable working on my car's problem, and I respect and appreciate that 100%. I can't stand for a shop to take the job no matter what, and give the mechanic a hammer and an hour, to try to do a job he may not be trained for or comfortable with. I am extremely fussy about who I take my cars to, but I can give them an unqualified recommendation.