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  1. Beautiful!
  2. Trolling on the bay and fishing at the Narrows have caught some nice rockies so far this year. Tons of Gannets out there,fun to watch them take a beeline into the water.
  3. Been a bit since I've been on but have to say I like the Maryland:redface: Flag to get to this board. I have to say even though I might be a bit bias...I think <acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym></acronym></acronym> has the coolest state flag of all 50 states.
  4. Tues night last night for Rocks in the Bay Went to Kent Narrws and caught some nice fish 18-26 inches. There were a good amount out there too. If the wind wan't so cold I would have stayed out till 12 but that wind was going thru that channel like a freight train. Good way to end the season!
  5. Well I did it. Tied a 3 way swivel on had a long line to the sinker 8-10 foot and a 4 foot to the hook with a big ol bobber on top the water. Yacked em out pretty far. Water on the bay was a little rough. Sat back and waited and waited . Nothing but 2 bunker who some how got tangled in the line. Cut them up adn put them on shorter lines and nothin....then the wind picked up and I felt like I was gonna get blown of the pier.Did cast around a small lure and catch little rockies under the pier. OOOh well it was worth the try.
  6. Going to be fishing from a pier in the Bay here Monday Night and going to yak out some eels. Was wondering what kinda rig to use to keep the eels from the bottom. They tend to head for the nearest hole if they stay on the bottom. Was thinking of using a 3 way swivel and have the sinker line long and the hook line short. When we fish from boats using eels we use bobbers that release when a fish hits. Not sure we can use them from a pier . Any suggestions?
  7. what gets me is the guys who fish illegally of the bridge and get away with it.
  8. holly cow thats the biggest sea robin I have ever seen. Is there a state record?
  9. Been living on the Eastern Bay now for the past 10 years. In all those years I have never seen the EB water more clearer than this past few weeks.Friends of mine have been in 25+ feet of water and watch crabs scurrying on by. Reminds me of Fla. waters.On another note this has been the worst summer for fishing from or neighborhood since I moved in here. Seamed like our boat basin was void of life other than the ones that swim in with the tide. I throw my net around there all the time and in years past I caught everything under the sun and a lot of em. THis year NOTHING! Go figure. Now out in the Eastern Bay in deaper water they were doing pretty well the head boats and anglers alike. ALso saw no grass at all in the EB not a strand. The only place I saw bay grasses this year were in small tidal pools. Crabs were of the charts this year . A frind of mine runs a trot line for fun and he said in a single pass he got a bushel. Never has the crabbing been better the last few weeks (died of now with the cooler water). What does all that mean.....Not sure one area does incredibly well where other areas are non existent. Not sure of the correlation other than the lack of grasses and fish in the shallows. I believe that the fish were hit hard in the EB and surrounding ares. Seen gill netters and at least 4 head boats that hit the surrounding area almost every day, not counting all the boaters and people who fish from shore. Makes you wonder how these fish ever get through. Well just thought I would leave a note here mainly about how clear the water is in the EB pretty darn cool. Not sure how it will look after this rain but it did pretty well after the previous storm that went through here last weekend.Fished in the Narrows and it was like the water was transparent saw at least a dozen whooper crabs on he surface cruising on by. Wish I had my net . If ya get a chance check the EB :glasses1:out.....................:
  10. Ya know I have a whole tray full of bucktails and I swear the only way i have caught fish with it is by putting a bass assassin on it . Just throwing a plain buck tail out there has got me a whole lotta nothin. I do buy ones that look good (at least it caught me )but not getting anything with them. So I usually use just plain bass assassin,or a curly tail jig, top water plugs, gotchas and repala type lures. Been doing pretty well in the Eastern Bay following the birds. No monsters but when you get into a nice school they all seam to be the same size. Not sure what the rest of the bay looks like but this is the clearest I have ever seen the EasternBay. On a calm day you can see 20 feet down. Pretty darn cool, makes me feel like I am in Fla.
  11. Went fishing in the Eastern Bay Sat. Rainy windy and cold. Chased sea gulls all over the place. Caught a bunch of little ones but we did manage 3 keepers up to 26 inches.