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  1. Ditto Dave and Dave. Too many Daves Dave
  2. Yea I lost a fish in the tourney cause I forgot my bead as caused running line to nick on the outer bar and break just after I turned her. My weight must have been many yards up my line. Was a nice pig too.
  3. Scott WOW that was intense. That fish did not quit. Awesome film. Nobody on the beach as far as I could see. Doesn't get any better than that. Man that was too cool. Must have been a hidden leftover current cause the waves didn't look all that. Thanks for sharing What a cluster of lines you had to weave around. Good job. Best post ever and I'm going bowhunting tomorrow???? Congrats I knew you were gonna get one.
  4. Dave what a slob. Nice Pic WOW Time to upgrade your Avatar
  5. Pompano, Shrimp, Pups Global warming must be part of it. Ranges expanding of Southerly fisheries. Arctic ice melting at unprecedented rates. Dusky sharkes still here. They are usually gone by mid Sept. Stripers never make to Hatteras in the winter anymore. Warmest summer on record. Hardly had a winter last year. May not be good for the Polar bears but sure is good for AI. Maybe I will be surf fishing in Ohio lol.
  6. Great Pics guys. I forgot my camera. Had a blast and fished to total exhaustion. Was slim pickins for sure. There were pockets of drum. I assume they were on mini cuts which were hard to read on the NE. Sunday low tide they were obvious. Dave, Terry was talking to me when you called Sunday morning for him to witness your catch. I just knew it was a 50in Red. I have learned over the years it aint over until its over. When Terry came back my way he told me you caught a 72in ST. I knew you had to get biggest Shark. You been on em all summer. Was good to see you. I think there were only 3 groups of us fishin that night and we all scored on the board. It was fishy on that wind shift I had one Sandtiger take me 1/2 mile down the beach and was only a nice 62in but fought like most 84in I have ever caught. Hopefully Terry will post my Drum pic. Should be some fish caught this week.
  7. Dave,Drum aren't leader shy. I have caught many on steel at Hatteras over the years when blues were mixed with the drum. I would not hesitate for a minute to use steel for Drum
  8. I'm always in. Hope more fish caught this year like your last years single hog. I love the new hours.
  9. Was always my favorite read. Would put me in the moment.
  10. Ditto what Steve said. The albright is too easy to mistie. I used it yeas ago and also lost fish. Noname is just the albright tied backwards
  11. Beautiful colors Niice shot
  12. AI is federal land do I need a MD coastal license. Can't find how to get it on line Thks I know I bought one last year on line
  13. Extra protein. Thats nasty. They are the nematode Eustrongylides Tubifex. I read that if you ice down your catch right away it helps keep them out of the meat. They migrate to the meat from the fish gut once the fish warms to 62deg. Generally its not in the large Perch as they think the worm kiills the fish before it can get too big. Its a big problem in Lake Eerie Yellows.
  14. WOW another 50. To be 49in and 50 lbs is one fat thick fish. Congrats on that beasty girl monster.
  15. Congrats Dave. You deserved it. You fish hard and help others learn the sport. So that was you guys wading the bar north of me. I got tired watching you. I was the furthest south in the Sandtiger hole GEESH. What a hog. Good job. Good story. Good stuff.
  16. You can always bring a magnifying glass out on the beach to look at the denticles. Duskies overlap like shingles on a roof. Sandbars are separted like a cobblestones on a road.