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  1. Just heard that there is a possiblity of some Big Rockfish coming down from Ocean City. Has anyone tried fishing the coast? I know it's been cold. We froze down at Rudee last weekend.
  2. DumBbaSS, You can catch rockfish and probably Blues there now. There are all sorts off species year round at Va beach. The CBBT, you can do the same, however you cannot keep Rockfish since it is part of the bay. You may be able to catch togs at the tunnel pier. That rockfish season was over Dec 31st at the CBBT. The Ocean season is through March. Good Luck!
  3. Igor, You can catch them, but you cannot keep them. That pier is out of season now. There is a pier at Va Beach Ocean Front. That pier is in season. You can keep any two striper over 28". Rooms are cheap this tme of year. Anywhere from $30-$70. Thanks for the posts everyone. Happy New Year!
  4. IGOR, That is a hard area to fish after Dec. 31st. Here is what you have to do: If your are fishing by boat, you cannot fish between the Bridge Tunnel and the two lighthouses, which is Cape Charles and Cape Henry. That gives you a straight line in front of the Bridge Tunnel. You need to keep to the outside of those two lighthouses. Now to make it more confusing, you can only fish 3miles outside the line drawn by the lighthouses. If you go around Fisherman's Island, you may fish the beach to 3 miles out. Some charts show all these lines. I have a link on the BIG BOY Page, which you can download charts. The one you need is the Chesapeake Bay Entrance under the Atlantic Charts.
  5. On December 29th, We had a banner day on Bandit a 40’ Cabo Sportfishermen, with Captain Wayne Enroughty. Decided to run North from Irvington, Virginia towards Maryland line. Just 2 ½ miles south of 62, we ran into massive areas of baitfish and decided to stop. Caught and released several 35” to 39” fish. Before finishing out our limit, Wayne Enroughty and his Wife Jean, reeled in two 48-49” fish at the same time. We kept one for a weight citation for Jean,weighing 42lbs 12oz. The second was a release citation, since we had our limit. Fishermen aboard: George Smith, Son Tim Smith, Deb Hodges, Wayne Enroughty, Jean Enroughty, Price Enroughty, Noland Borzelleca, Hank Sibley,Merritt Sibley, Clark Sibley. Here are some pics of our days: Could not resist to go back out on the 30th. Headed back North through the fog. Thanks to the help of Double Down, We were back into the fish quickly. Had another banner day of alot of Catch and release. Happy New Year!
  6. Man, What a great trip. That makes up a little about closing on the BIG D. Seems to be more fishing girls out there. Met my partner at a Bar in Williamsburg on Thursday. We got into a conversation with this great looking Blonde beside us. Turns out she is from Outer Banks and loves fishing. Pretty sure she knows her fishing after questioning her hard. Thank goodness she was after my partner.
  7. Hey guys, You are right. We have been trolling the upper Va Bay mostly, but have friends who went down of the State Park eeling. They have been catching large fish eeling from Plantation Light down to the High Rise. Catching 46" plus. We are getting ready to take the boat down to Rudee for the Jan Ocean Season. We will stop by with some eels. The better reports are at night, but as you said the days have been productive. Another option is the pier off the CBBT. All you have to pay is the toll. Good Luck
  8. Do you have a buddy who always messes up your lines? Misses casts? Here is the perfect Christmas Gift for that friend you have to take. Just press on the link: Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope Santa is great to everyone!
  9. Hey Guys, Thank you for the warm welcome. Here are some pics of the Tournament we were in over the weekend: We came in 5th the Corporate part and won the CCA Challenge. Had a great time on Bandit. We will be moving to Va Beach towards end of the month. I know this page is a little more partial to Surf fishing, however I love all types. I will be working harder on Surf this Spring. Anyhow, I will be keeping in touch and leaving posts on the Delmarva page mostly. Thanks again
  10. It is not many times that I am happy after missing an invitation to Rockfish but here is the reason today is one of those days. 8 year old Patrick Kelley got a surprise school visit from his dad and Buckwheat at lunch today. With his son's fishing cap in hand, his dad asked if he had anything at school that he should not miss. Patrick goes straiight to the teacher and said " My Dad Needs Me". By 2:00pm the group was fishing and had thier limit by 3:00pm. Taking turns reeling fish, Patrick ends up with the largest fish of the day. Below is Patrick with his trophy fish. If that will not make you smile after missing a great fishing day, I do not know what will! __________________
  11. My real name is Hank. Fishing Buddies call me BIG BOY.I have been fishing since a kid in the Lower Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Beach. Found your site looking around for Fishing Sites and found you guys. Looks like a great site and added Atlantic Anglers to the BIG BOY Fishing Page. Look forward sharing information with you. Here are some recent fishing pictures: