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  1. ...the francis scott key (FSK) motel on rt 50 east bound, in west ocean city near the turn-off for ai is supposed to be decent+reasonable...good food in the marlin moon grille too...bait shops in the area it...they have a website. ...good luck!
  2. ....if it doesn't crank backwards, and it still appears to be in free spool, the drag may need some work...or the spindle is not engaging with the drive mechanism...
  3. ...if it is cranking backwards as well as forward, check the collar where the handle goes through the side plate and make sure it is positioned properly, not loose, etc...
  4. ... i do know that the wreck of the despatch was relocated off of ai back in 1997 by a company called sea hunt, could be that a piece had washed ashore where i found it back in '05...all speculation at this point...
  5. ...i just typed a long response to this topic, but it was lost when it was submitted :angry3: ...i will not attempt to redo, but here is what i found at the south end of ai at chincoteague inlet... ....back in '05 while fishing ai at chincoteague inlet i found the remains of an old wooden ship that i believe to be the wreck of the presidential yacht Despatch built in 1873 and wrecked off chincoteague on oct 10, 1891...built with wooden trunnels ('tree nails')... ...i was wondering if anyone on this board has seen this too and maybe can shed some light on the subject....the nps had no comment and the historical society would not reply to my e-mail inquiry sam....if there is anyway to retrieve my original tresponse, please feel free to re-post it....
  6. ....did that man say "...nnnnno heat!" brrrrr...
  7. ...good job scott!...i quit early to paint the inside of the house...probably will be a while before i get back out... far as my prediction for the spring run is concerned, my guess is that the fish are currently spread out over a large area of coast and will be moving through this area in a spread-out fashion rather than in one concentrated bunch....of course, the value of my guess is worth exactly what you paid for it.
  8. ...1 big blue, 1 'almost' striper...on frozen chunks...beginning of outgoing...isopods at sundown...