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  1. anyone had any luck with catching fresh bait after the blow
  2. HI where did you find the ultima red ice,sounds like it might be good looking to buy some myself
  3. when i first got on the site, i would rush home to see what was happening in out fishing holes,and our great beachs, the site was great for us local fishermen , but thats all changed now i even hate to get on the site,iam a believer of the old saying ( IF IT ANIT BROKEN DONT FIX IT) to many changes and to much about other place and old post that stays on for yrs. Sorry for being hard on the site but just thought it was time to say something, i know few other people have the same feelings as i do but just dont want to say any thing to sam, but if you dont tell him how you feel them he dont know to fix it or maybe made it better. old time fishermen P.S. HOPE WE GET THE GOOD SITE BACK
  4. With the site as good as this one and you still cant never find the assateague tides on it. I think this is very good thing to know for all the fishermen, with out going to other site to find it. Hope tp see it put on the site and lot other non local dropped,getting to hard to read
  5. Looking for 3 members for the team,the tournament is sept 10-11-12,for information please call 302-258 6623,where hopeing to keep the cost to about 200.00 to 250.00 per member HR FISHERMEN
  6. man they sure look good chris,you think its better than sliding them together

  7. chris,

    the dates are oct.16 and 17 the cost is 40.00 a man

  8. hi chris, i still have a open for the amsa tourament,i can use two people if you know of two,you can call me at 302 -258-6623.good luck and good fishing

    herb richardson

  9. hi chris hope your doing ok and the fishing is good, i was able to get out and do the oc surfing tourament and the amsa.very bad weather for amsa, but will be in need of two new fishermen next year if your intersted, please let me know.also trying to talk the wife in to a new fishing rack, yours sure looked pretty good and like the new sand spikes

    herbert richardson

    P.S. new cell phone #302-258-6623

  10. i think the new daiwa saltish 30h is the hottest reel going right now for the money around 159.95 to 169.95, i throw one in N.C last week and boy did it every go, it sure bet my 525mag.I was told in N.C last week right out the box with the new daiwa saltish 40 rod the distance was 806,and it sure felt like it could do it,i throw it on a 30 rod hr fishermen
  11. hi guys i will also be fishing this weekend in the oc surf tournament my thoughts is going to be on bluefish i think 90%of the fish will be blues.have won the tournament before on all kingfish, but i think there gone. herb richardson P.S HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS THERE TEAM REEL MANIACS
  12. iam sure going to be there with bells on ,hope to get my brother out also. so the count for me is 2 herb
  13. you can count hr fishermen for 2 maybe 3..... cant wait
  14. dave , i can bring hamburgs & hot dogs and also help pen pal with the ice and clean up.wish it was tomorrow cant way to meet alot of you guys
  15. hi guys, was looking to get away from my chest rubber waders,was thinking about waist high waders,either stocking foot or boot foot,any ideals of good brands