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  1. haha, go float your seal painted yak!!! oh and thanks again for the freshies the last time. congrats matt eugene
  2. thank you all, and to think i wasnt supposed to be there cuz its midterms for me. haha i was supposed to meet up sum buds in sandbridge...but because of eassys and midterms decided not to fish...then i changed my mind and decided to go closer for one night. it was great meeting people again and great meeting all the new people. see you guys soon as i get time from school. eugene
  3. of course i do!! haha you saw the flashes . if i knew you were down there earlier i wouldve came by sooner to say hey. btw if anyone finds a drum out there with a super mutu lip ring...shouldve been my girlfriends fish, my bud anthony tried to go hot on the drum too early (he was just trying to tire the fish out a lil for her) next time. haha well here it is. do i look happy!? eugene gfs first shark. can you tell shes scared
  4. ....they have cape point specials on sale too. they had i think 2 casting left at arundel. you have to ask them to check it against the internet price. eugene
  5. catskill john was tellin me about how he won last year, but second place won more cash. i guess it looks like the second place winner this year made out with a much larger purse as well! congrats to all. see yall out there
  6. haha i got in the car and i told my girlfriend i think thats critter gitter, and she says why? i said when we get home ill show you. so after going through many pics of you and a large fish, she says oh i get it. i think you have enough fish under your fighting belt to make up for this weekend. oh yeah btw your face was priceless after terry told you fulton caught another fish at 52... the funny thing is he did end up with not just one but 2 more. take about foreshadow. terrys psychic see yall soon, prob for the striper turny. eugene