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  1. Fished AI with group on 4-12-15 sunrise to sunset beautiful day used fresh bunker, mullet and clam 10 rods one bite no fish. Saw birds working outside and porpoises even a seal on beach was good to get out for a test run.:fish:Shouldn't be much longer.
  2. finally made it down to AI gave it a try from 8 in morning to about 1230 wind was terrible even 8's wouldnt hold that well swithced to hurricanes and managed to get a 26inch Black released it had one more knock down but finally decided to stop fighting the wind and wrap it up going to head back down this evening to give another try.
  3. finally made it down to beach yesterday,good to see ya coop, gave it a good try nothing but skates,water dirty and the futher south you went was worse, tried until 4 when six ounces after you threw it was flying up the beach.
  4. nice fish even better shirt
  5. yeah i think coop could catch fish on land lol
  6. hey went down to get my orv pass and stopped by John Henry's at 611 and sunset Sonny was stocking shelves and advised that they are open on fri sat sun they did have fresh bunker
  7. good luck post if you catch anything
  8. going to try sat or sun to catch some more perch near sharptown good job OC
  9. finally got out with boat for first trip sat near sharptown about 30 white perch kept 19, one 11 3/4. Now ready for the beach:icon_surprised:
  10. getting ready to start tearing down equipment hopefully warm weather will be around corner.
  11. thanks coop are you in the amsa tornament this weekend
  12. where is a good place local to get fresh mullet not frozen
  13. Hey, came across you post when looking for boat ramps over on the bay side. Is the boat ramp in Saxis hard to find? Thanks, Pat

  14. fished AI past the bull pen about a mile from 10am to 630pm 12 doggies two skates at least was fun to get back on the beach:eusa_dance: