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  1. Twin Bills is like that- no mate. He does help a lot, but you can run lines as you choose. It was just my son and I so we did great together. Alone it would have been difficult.
  2. Sorry it took a wail to get back to ya....been nuts we sold the bar so now I have more time to fish... I wish, PM me know when you come down

  3. We went out with Twin Bills and had a great time! Thanks for the link. We got 8 dolphin, lost 3 which was our own fault. Hooked a big marlin, but it ran us out and got away. Also got a big Tuna and a baracuda. We also booked with Overdrawn Charters, and got 17 Bluefish and 7 Spanish Mackeral. I really appreciate the help and links posted here. Thank you David
  4. Thanks- booked for 6-1 from the first link! Will call Tuna Fever as well.
  5. Thanks!
  6. We'll be staying in Avon 5-29 thru 6-5. Any advice on charters in the area would be greatly appreciated! It's to far for us to bring the boat! Thanks David
  7. Hey- haven't been here for a while, but may be heading that way soon! how's the fishing? Don't you have a restaurant/bar there? thanks


  8. My input is limited, as our stripers are freshwater, in Lake Cumberland. But one buddy is a guide there, and another is a warden! (respectfully referred to as the rabbit cop LOL ) One of the things they both agree on is that most released fish die. In this case, it may be rupture from coming up fast, as they are often jigged in 60-80 feet of water. But the warden and the guide both see the dead fish a few days after there are a lot of "hot catch" days and people cull them.
  9. FINALLY- brought him home and hung him the garage, name is now Art..
  10. And if you use him for bait, his name changes to Bob.....
  11. We drink in hunting camp, but the ad seemed a little forward imo... As for Rhino liners, a guy in Texas on the beach has a Cherokee, and the entire outside is Rhino lined! And for cigars, call me up! I have quite the collection! (Lot's of trips near/around Cuba in the past few years!)
  12. update, name was changed to Phil today...
  13. Checked today, his name is Spot
  14. OK- Most of us have a beer or two or six on occasion, but what I saw tonight made me chuckle, and wonder! Beer and fishing is one thing in certain situations, but beer and guns is a little different. Busch Beer has a special 30 pack, the special "hunting edition" ! And it is all wrapped up in authentic stamped Realtree deepwoods camo! So the next time you head to the duck blind with your shotguns, you won't have to hide your 30 pack..... I bet some marketing guy gets an earfull over this smart move! :eusa_wall: David