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  1. Hi

    How are you ???

    Just joined and plan on attending an Atlantic Anglers meeting in Baldwin, New York on August 23, 2011 at 8:15.

    My name is John

    Nice to virtually meet you.....

  2. proud member of the Ocean City Reef Foundation

  3. ....at the Ocean City Marlin Club from @8am till noon, open to all I'll be at the Binnacle Tackle booth, stop in and say hello
  4. Saturday May 7th from @8am to noon at the Ocean City Marlin Club, anyone iz welcome
  5. SAM, Happy Birthday to you !!!
  6. very nice but Im not sure I'd like going up n' down that ladder offshore, in any kind of sea's:confused:
  7. wow, 2 months later, but Thanks Guys !!!
  8. same to you Dave and ALL the Atlantic Anglers, be safe and EAT WELL !@!
  9. your going home ??????? I'm just headin' down:happy3: Thanks for the report Dave, got the litetackle pack'd too:happy5:
  10. cool, I'll be in OC this friday for 10 days:glasses1: when I get back, hit-me-up:icon_thumright:
  11. Steve, got some input... fish off Calvert Cliffs spring tru fall and the Nuke plants "warm water" discharge, durring the winter months, the old Cove Pt LNG dock holds alot of fish, drift or troll the edges off Pt Lookout, Mud Leads and the "Target Ships" down south can produce some great summer/fall action, just make sure you check the Coast Guards "Notice To Mariners" first, you dont want some fighter-joc from Pax River lockin' you up:icon_rambo: