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  1. fished iri last night until around 9:00. saw quite a lot of people... got a 30 inch blue under the bridge. had to leave but was wondering if the stripers showed up later. anyone know, or care to tell?
  2. I use power pro braid, thin and strong on spin and my baitcaster. And Big game on a couple spiners. I do get some knots on the baitcaster. I notice youguys don't use braids on your caster reels. Is mono the way to go on them? New to the world of baitcaster reels.
  3. You want to beach your first shark with someone who knows how to handle one. They are bigger and badder than a blue! First time I got one to the beach I was with a guy who showed me how to hold the shark without getting hurt or hurting it, in order to remove the hook. If you get scetched out, cut the leader the hook will disolve, and get it back into the water. Better to do that than get cut or hurt the fish. Enjoy, they are a rush.
  4. Good luck, hope the wind dies down for you. We tried out of OC inlet this am using eel. Nothing but cold hands.
  5. Thanks Ben. Been waiting for your "run" predictions again this year.
  6. Hey Steve, April 17 right? This'll be my first season fishing from our boat in the bay - very excited.
  7. check llbean outlet stores. I picked up a pair of breathable top of the line with boot feet for $59.00 regularly 289.00 two years ago. Love them. Boots are neoprene lined, super warm. And the breathable fabric is great in "warmer" weather. They are holding up well. I am hard on them since they didn't cost too much, and they still do their job.
  8. Thanks Dixie 719, I didn't get the opportunity with the holiday and winds. Oh, well. -Hey whats up with winter surfcasting in VB area? I lived in Nags Head for a couple years and we used to fish in the winter. Been couped up inside too long. Thinking of taking a drive. PF
  9. Just wondering how you guys faired -it has been freezing down here! I am finished until a warm day. Time to clean my reels and do some boat repairs.
  10. I am thinking of taking my boat down 113/13 into VA to do some rockfishing over winter break. Thinking of fishing Tom's cove area, or maybe CBBT area if the weather permits. Is one area better? I as see tons of pics from the CBBT. But shaving some time off the drive wouldn't hurt. Thanks, Pat
  11. :icon_scratch:So, I am not a real strong fisherman -meaning I'm not as fishy as some other guys. I've been into it about 10 years or so. One of my best friends always laughs when I tell him I was fishing in a south wind. This guy is fishy. Always catching the big ones etc. been fishing his whole life. I am starting to believe in the south wind theory. What do you guys think?
  12. Hit beach today. Lots of current and grass. 8's were not cutting it. Talked to a guy at the pumps who said 10's weren't either! few more weeks and it's reel maintenance time for me and wait for the freak warm days and maybe a dogfish here or there.
  13. I got 4 this past summer. I used my LB to paddle out bait past the sandbar. I was really impressed reeling in shark! They run toward, then away, then toward, then away. Just a fun fish to catch. Learning the release is important. On my first shark there was a guy who could tell i was green, he just walked over and showed me how to grip them. I was looking at my leader material today just thinking how lucky we are to be able to just go out to our beach and catch shark. My fishing buddies in NJ and MA get striper all summer. But their teeth don't cause fear.