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  1. Yep, biggest I heard of from a local B&T was in the low 30s (inches). Still like Charkbait said, still Reds and I don't remember hearing as much of them in these parts in quite some time.
  2. FWIW there were some reds caught up in South Jersey this past week (one posted on a forum with pics, a couple others picked up by my buddy the other night in the surf on bunker) so they are still running strong. Stripers starting, should be down your way VERY soon. Tight lines guys!
  3. I know the original post is from last year, but we had all the 24-27" stripers you could want 2 nights ago on the rock pile. A few nice keepers thrown in the mix as well....all on danny swimmers. Slammer blues made an appearance on the beachfront the same day and we also managed to load the cooler and a 50 gallon trash bag with peanut bunker and mullet for October-December. It's on!
  4. With the gale forecasted for down there, stayed up here in NJ and with the stiff NE, it was just what the doctor ordered! Slammer blues all day on mullet rigs, fished a jetty at night and had all the 24-27" stripers you could want on danny swimmers and a few nice keepers mixed in, and loaded the cooler with peanut bunker and mullet. I sent the shorts back and told them to tell the bigger gals to start heading on down to AI....should be a matter of days now til the first reports start coming in down there
  5. Might seem like a silly question, but have you guys tried plugging for the big reds ever? Sometimes when there is a good rip and the tides are strong, a 3-4 ounce wood darter or a diving lipped swimmer produce big stripers up this way. Reds are also aggressive lure predators right? Putting 2 and 2 together, I would hasten to guess these reds could be pulled in using the right plug or lure/teaser combo. So who has tried and what kind of luck did you have? I might bring the arsenal on the hunt for a renegade striper, but was curious as to the redfish feed/hunt instinct. Thanks. Steve
  6. Sounds drummy to me. Can't wait! Only time I fish the surf here in NJ is a stiff onshore wind....don't need to heave the bait too far, should hold true down therer as well. Bait and fish are pushed up against the beach. We'll see.
  7. Sweet, looks like a prolonged Eastery next week before turning Northeast. Sounds like a winner to me. Anything I need to be particularly wary of during a prolonged East blow? Luckily it's inbetween moon phases. Tight lines. Steve
  8. I'm confused......the East wind has closed part of the island but in your signature you "Pray for East wind"? I'm a rookie (sort of) when it comes to fishing AI, so can you please explain this East wind theory and why it is good? Seems if you want to get South to the fence (which we all do this time of year), we should be hoping that part of the Island remains open and the wind is offshore no? :help:
  9. I've heard a few people here pulling for an Easterly wind, but I would like to know the theory behind this? They are calling for decent and prolonged East winds most of next week and I will be down Drum fishing. So why are we praying for East wind? What bait for drum? Bunker? And what's with the East wind? Good or bad? I'll be way down near the fence (weather permitting) next Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be with 3 noisy dogs (labs and weimaraner)....can't miss me Just loaded up on spot and mullet up here in NJ and my buddy was barely shy or a state record kingfish! I'm ready to hit AI!
  10. In the colder weather, we get them on bloodworms up here in NJ. No floats, just a 7/0 Gamakatsu Circle hook on a fish finder rig. Hook themselves right in the corner of the mouth every time, especially in the colder water. I think it's their less-aggressive natue in the winter months that allows them to slowly run with the circle hook as it sets the hook itself. Drag firm, but not too loose or too tight. Good luck!
  11. We get residents up here in South Jersey all summer long, every year. They aren't always holding in deep water though there is a jetty that has a 90 foot hole at the tip where they can be targeted pretty regularly. To be honest, we go out early in the back bays and most times they can be targeted in 2-5 feet of water on top of flats. There is one guy I am friends with that goes out on his skiff and targets them as he pole fishes. He pulls up onto a flat and uses a pole to manuever his skiff around until he sees activity on the surface. I asked a few times on the board a year or two ago about this and most members thought I was nuts to target stripers in the summer, but they are around and sometimes thick all summer long. Just have to know where to look and what methods work. I highly suggest topwater in the early morning. Pretty consistent bite for me anyway. Tight lines!:blob1:
  12. Nice catch! We get them off the beaches up here in Jersey in May. Usually don't see them around this time of year. Way to go!
  13. Awesome, I would love to hook one of these. This will be my 3rd straight year trying. I start fresh each Sept and look for new techniques from you guys, so thanks for the tips. Guess I will have 3 rods in....2 for drum (one close, one far) and my smaller rod for kingfish, spot, blues, croakers, etc.
  14. So I should ditch my 10'6" TICA I use for stripers from the surf and bring the 12' Ugly Stik with Penn Slammer Reel? I never "chark' fished so I wouldn't know the comparison.
  15. What is the preferred method of fishing for Big RED from Assateague's Beaches? I was going to make a Fish Finder ring with a big Gamakatsu Circle hook and thrown on a bunker chunk.