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  1. Those 1569's will happily throw 7nbait, esp with a nice big head on the hook. Its sad they don't make that rod anymore. I have two of them and its always my go to rod.
  2. I really like those Gami Big Eyes but boy they are expensive! Just another thing to keep in mind they are stainless steal so they won't rust out fast like other hooks should you break a fish off. I used to really like the mustad circle demon hooks but the gap was a little too narrow for me. I used to bend them to off-set the hook but that really defeats the purpose of the circle hooks.
  3. i have a 2006 F-250 that spend a lot of the time on the beach. I was running cheap Kelly Safari E rated tires. Never had a problem with airing down to 20 psi. If the beach was soft I would use 4-low. Honestly there were times I forgot to put it in 4wd and didn't even notice I was in 2wd. When i stopped at my place I would always back up and go forward a few times to make a little runway so I wasn't stuck when it came time to pull out. Also when pulling into my spot I never touched the brakes, I just let it drift to where i wanted to be. no sharp turns either on the beach. Quick hint, carry some extra valve stems with you and the removal/insertion tool. They saved my butt(and some others) at the pumps a few times. They are cheap, extremely easy to use and take up very little space in the glovebox.
  4. It's a 50 min drive, but Kool Ice in cambridge will sell you 50lb of fresh for a decent price. If you freeze it correctly it can be almost as good as fresh.
  5. Glad to see this site back, made a lot of great friends on this site. Even though I moved away from MD. to North Carolina I still stay in touch with a lot of my MD friends. Since moving I havn't had a chance to hit the beach as much as I used to in MD but I am slowly working to change that. Hopefully soon i'll have some reports from the southern beaches in NC.
  6. Go get them!!!
  7. Good Luck everyone! hopefully next year i'll be able to make the trip up.
  8. I used to have horrible hookup %. I made my leader longer between the hook and the swivel and it seemed to help a lot. I was using like 1.5 to 2" leaders to get some casting distance, but I switch to 6" leaders.
  9. Some people put hitch receiver on the frame of the truck and long rails in order to attach a rear deck. Some clamp it to the bumper of the camper and use cables attached to the jack stands to help support it. There are lots of ways to make a deck, getting a stainless steel frame with diamond plates is about the best for on the sand. There is no Out of the box solution for this, everything I seen and had was custom engineered specifically for their needs and talent/money.
  10. i have an f-250 as well and it does good on the beach, the one thing you need to be careful with is making turns. The F-250 is really heavy and doesn't like sharp turns on the beach. No vehicle likes sharp turns on the beach, but the heavy trucks with big tires like my F-250 really seem to hate it, it almost digs the tires into the sand sideways. If you have E-range tires on your truck (80PSI street pressure), I take them down to 25 and only air down to 15 or20 if I feel myself digging into the sand. Remember you want to float on top of the sand and not plow through it. In mid to late march there might be some black drum around, so sand flea and clam should be on your hook, i also heard lots of people being successful in the past few years with orange fishbites clam and a sandflea together as bait.
  11. Hopefully this summer i'll be able to give more input on this area of NC since its in my backyard now.
  12. Early to mid may would be my choice. You might hit the peak of the striper run in the surf and some good flounder in the bays.
  13. i haven't heard anything too terrible except RT1 in DE is destroyed around the IRI bridge. Elsewhere its just a lot of debris. AI hasn't been fully explored yet but I imagine there are some cuts that will take time to heal, esp down south.
  14. Stay safe everyone!
  15. Good Luck to everyone fishing!