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  1. Delaware Camping Center in Georgetown has some Arcticfox campers in stock I think.
  2. Doesn't look promising for me either. $4 a gallon for diesel hurts real bad and I live right near Salisbury. Have to pay more attention to the weather forecast and stay home if it looks bad. I used to load up and head to the beach even if the forecast was bad( cause we all know the weatherman ain't always right ).
  3. Discount only applies to AFAW and Wheeler blanks that are in stock I think. Call to check before ordering online.
  4. I honestly don't remember the wind direction. Had some east in it. I know CG probaly remembers.
  5. Yep. That seems to be the thing this year.
  6. Yep that's it CG. Got a nice fat 46" this past weekend. That takes me up to three for my career. Can you count high enough to give us your career total so far? It was so foggy last Saturday when I went down I didn't even know all you guys were there.
  7. You can't let that happen Dave! You've got to be there so every time I stop by and chat you'll get hooked up on one .
  8. That would be nice Charkbait. Maybe I can pull one in during the tourney again:icon_thumleft:.A little prize money would be nice but, it might end up being biggest bluefish to take it all like the first year.If there's drum to be caught I'm sure CG will get the most ..Then we can add to his retirement fund.
  9. Not sure about that x-flock shrinkwrap myself CG,even though I know I'm not as hard on my equipment as you. That's why I didn't put any wraps at the ends of the grips in case it shreds off there I can put something else on there easily.
  10. Coop it's pretty simple.Buy whatever color of Testors model paint you want. Don't shake it up, let it seperate and pour off the clear carrier. Do your wraps and color perserver if needed. Mix up your finish. Put a small amount in a seperate cup and add a little bit of the Testors pigment in it and stir it up. Apply your clear finish, let it get leveled out then take small dabs of your colored finish with a toothpick and put it where you want. The above pictured rod was simple black wraps with copper trim then I put the copper pigment in little streaks here and there and hit it with a blow dryer while it was turning clockwise in the rod dryer then again with the blow dryer while it was turning counter clockwise and thats what I ended up with. Just random swirls. I have seen some pics where people get kinda fancy with the marbling and have specific patterns in it. Maybe I will see you on the beach during the HT tournement Coop. Stop by if you want.
  11. Just got done with my second build. Fusion Magnum,Fuji SiC guides with black and copper wraps and some copper marbling. I left the butt plain and simple for grip replacement ease.
  12. That last line hit the nail right square on the head Gonefishin ! I can't believe how many people spend the money on the permit, ride to the fence turn around head off and not come back to next year .
  13. Here is the ferrule wrap and here is the reelseat and foregrip
  14. Haven't been able to get a very good pic of the butt end yet. Just as simple. Few wraps and black x-flock shrink wrap. I'll try to get some better pics. Thanks for the compliments. You got any more pics Coop? Charkbait you are doing some nice work too.