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  1. 6/17/06 Pete Heppner of Frederick, MD Caught a Cobia 53" 51 3/4lbs 28" Girth Caught on Fresh Bunker in the Assateague Surf
  2. 6/17/06 Fishing Report This week we have heard of caught on Assateague Sharks, Cobia(2) kingfish. We have Live Peelers, and Fresh Bunker, Live Minnow, Bloodworms, Fishbites
  3. Of course, Terry & I will be coming if we can make arrangements for someone to watch the store. Getting time off is a liability when you work for yourself and do not have any employees.
  4. Wow . Went to Purto Salinas In mexico . had a blast caught over 75 fish no smaller then 8 pounds ON 8 LB LINE AND 25 LB LINE . caught them in the surf from the boat , caught them from the boat yo yoing and caught them trolling . I quit at 3: 30 pm My arms were done . I caught Rock Cod ,Tuna ,Lincod ( I WAS TOLD,, HEY YOU CANT EAT THAT ITS CAT FERTILZER GIVE IT TO ME . I KEPT IT AND GAVE SOME TO 3 PEOPLE AND LATER I WAS TOLD THAT IS AN AWSUME FISH FOR EATING . I CAUGHT SOME SPECIES I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS . PLACED 4TH OVERALL OUT OF 27 BOATS . GOING BACK IN JULY . POSTING PROOF IN A FEW MINUTES
  5. trust me i know about the bps rods thats what im planning on getting = or if they dont have that ill be getting a TICA from harbor Tackle. I live about less than 2 min from BPS soo
  6. I have two 6500 baitrunners and really like them. I understand that they are not the long cast spool reels but it seems that I can get them out there far enough. If I hook into a fish that spools me that will be one big fish!
  7. well, do exsist :welcome1: aboard Jeff what happened to your other screan name, forgot your password glad you could make the 3000 mile Cast over here to the east 8) going to Cabo this weekend I thought you were going to Alabama to look at the 35 Marlago on friday oh well, good luck this weekend Bro' :up: I hope you all get to meet Jeff this summer in OC, he is a fishin' fin- addict
  8. Im Randys brother I fish all the time and I now live in San Diego. going to mexico this week for a tournamnet ill post pictures, anyone comes out this way can fish with me on any day just let me know . Great fishing here I have 3 boats from 35 ft to 9 feet :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  9. I'll post a few pictures & a report when I return...
  10. I and the president of Pasadena Sportfishing Group, Inc stopped by this afternoon and met a couple of you fellows just as the wind and rain picked up. Hope you all held out long enough to get some pullage. I will say that if persistance pays off you deserve it. Rough day out there. Thanks for pointing me to this website, i tink i wil enjoy your posts judging from what i have looked at. Milt
  11. Would be cool to see a few pics. 8) Tear em up.
  12. Spinners for me too. Always used them. I do have an old penn long beach 60 monted on a cheapo rod. I caught a mess of kinfish out of the surf with it last year. But its a thumb-burner. :censored: Meant for bottom fishing I think. But it works great to get out to just where the croakers/kings/sand perch/SHARKBAIT are located. I can zip it pretty good for no magnets and such.