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  1. Fished this weekend at AI. My buddy Erik and I caught 5 stripers in the 35" range on Friday, kept 2 relased three, one was sick with sores. Friday night, more friends show up and Brian catches one off the bat, then George catches one was well. I catch a nice one early Sunday morn. Early Sat. in the am...maybe friend's rod (spinner) goes off, line is getting dumped quick and whatever it is is not going to be stopped. I'm guessing he had like 300+ yards on the reel and was down to the last couple yards before the bait was dropped.. The fish or whatever it was dumped the reel in like 30 secs, not sure if i'm exaggerating, but it was pretty quick. Any ideas to what species are out there at this time that are capable of this? We were thinking either dolphin or shark, but didn't think the "fast/quick" sharks are in yet.
  2. I was going to mention that I saw this on the Food Network by AB, but Jim beat me to it. Always wanted to try it as well.
  3. fished AI this past weekend. nada for me, except for a couple skates....glad to get on the sand again though.
  4. I've heard sandfleas were good bait for black drum...just didn't know they were up and about this time of year. Are the sandfleas decent size right now. If and when do the sandflea's activity slow down in this area. thanks
  5. cool, thanks. i just remembered you seemed to use clam alot. only wished there were some rockfish in the mix...hopefully soon.
  6. Wow 10....way to go Coop! What bait...guessin you used clam.
  7. Surfbass, You mention fishing the point. I'm not really familiar with any specific spot in maryland dubbed the hatteras, yes. Not trying to get your specific location, but are you talking about somewhere in Assateague Island.
  8. Thanks to Bev and Terry for putting on a great tournament. Thanks to the all the Judges..esp. Dave and Ron...Dave measured my friend Jorge's Sandtiger, and Ron measured my red on Sunday. Can't wait til next year already! Fred
  9. i wouldn't get the cape point spinning rod. i have a couple friends who had the spinning version and with that reel seat, it didn't feel sturdy or secure. both of my friends ended up returning those rods. i have the cape point conventionals and i like em alot, coz you can clamp down conventional least most of em. i give a double thumbs up to all the ocean master surf/cape point line except for the cape point spinning....only because the reel seat set up for a spinner seemed less sturdy/secure.
  10. i hope you guys reconsider...this was the first time i entered your tournament and i had a blast...catching my first red. my other two buddies, one of whom also caught their first red during your tournament (although not in the tourney) are also looking forward to next year. you guys did a great job :eusa_clap: and i hope you have another one. i'm assuming some people get $$$ in their eyes, and ruins a perfectly good thing. the rules are stated and it was also stated that the prizes depended upon the number of entrants (although based on 100). hope to see you soon (which means i must be fishing ), fred lagman