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  1. how does the contest work? i smell a road trip!
  2. too bad. better luck next time!
  3. aren't they bedding now?
  4. i agree with all that has been said. i was trying to explain SOME of them not all some are also idiots that are punishing something for eating their bait(see skates, rays,ect) if you don't want it for any reason just release it don't punish it for eating put a sign up your leader for stripers onl. but i digress just remember the few ruin it for the many.
  5. i'm not trying to justify all of them doing that but some of them will throw them on the beach and score the bigger ones and use the smaller ones for bait.
  6. what did yuo wnna know about the hdx i did a field test on it. rated for up to 12oz (8&bait) and the fishing veresion has the fuji concept and loves braid.
  7. hands down one of the greatest reels ever. i have 2 of them get it you won't regret it.